Our Passion

Vocean was founded in 2018 with the idea that innovation cannot exist without brilliant ideation and effective collaboration. In today’s corporate landscape, most companies have no mechanism that allows them to listen and quickly react to their employees’ ideas.

Vocean gives every employee a voice that can be heard. Their ideas can easily be shared on a massive scale through Vocean. Vocean’s platform brings that power to all sectors, enabling the next generation of thinkers to drive innovation at the speed of thought.

Our science team

Researchers working with Vocean

Helena Jahncke


Helena is our researcher in occupational health sciences. She has PhD, Doc, M.Sc, B.Sc in Social Science, Psychology and work environment studies.

Susanna Alexius


Susanna is our researcher in management. She is a PhD, docent (associate professor) in management with M.Sc, B.Sc in business administration.

Our Founders

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Peter Kollin

CEO and Co-Founder

Peter is passionate about the power of collective thinking and disruptive innovation to sort out breakthrough ideas. He believes in people and in a digital platform for working together. Peter always has the attitude that “Everything is possible”.

Daniel Kassell

CTO and CO-Founder

Daniel is engaged in and passionate about new ways of developing software, using the opportunities in global development teams in agile processes. His way to lead development is quite original by focusing on the power of each individual and their creativity

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