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Vocean was founded in 2018 with the belief that organizations cannot survive or thrive without brilliant ideas. And to be brilliant you need more than one idea. You need many. You need an ocean. An ocean of voices.

But gathering ideas, managing challenges and seizing opportunities is often easier said than done. How do you engage and activate a whole organization?

Involvement and co-creation is the answer. And we have the tools for that.

Vocean changes the way organizations can make decisions. We empower individuals and give them the possibility to meet challenges together. To move forward together.

The force of innovation lies in the power of the collective intelligence. In the power of the many voices. Let’s make them heard.

We are vocean

Vocean employees sitting in front of a lighthouse
Daniel Kassell

Daniel Kassell

CEO & Founder

“The only way forward is together.”

Daniel has a solid background in IT and software development where the focus has always been on the user. He believes in creativity and peoples ability to solve problems and the strength in creating, developing and meeting challenges together with other passionate souls. If we think together, we can make the world a better place.

Helena Jahncke

Helena Jahncke

Chief Operating Officer

“Vocean can develop your entire business by letting you put your ear to the rail. Build up activities based on what suits your organization. For example, we offer ways to develop the systematic work environment work by engaging employees together in the process with co-creation. The word together is central here.”
Helena is a doctor in psychology and associate professor in occupational health sciences with a background as a manager in research and development. She has also worked for 12 years as a researcher in the work environment with a focus on flexible and digital work. Helena loves innovation and finding solutions for growth.

Cecilia Carlsdotter

Cecilia Carlsdotter

Chief Communications & Marketing Officer

“Vocean believes in the equal value of everyone and that ideas that contribute to change can come from anyone in an organization. It is an inclusive, easy-to-use and effective tool. We live in a society where listening is more important than in a long time and that everyone gets to join in and contribute. And this is where Vocean really can make a difference.”

Cecilia is a creative, positive, innovative force of nature. She loves challenges and believes in the power of empathy and co-creation. And that laughter brings people together.

Tommy Kollin

Tommy Kollin

Chief Revenue Officer

“Vocean stands for inclusion and involving people. As an organization, you can achieve incredible things by creating diversity and seeing everyone. We can take on both todays and tomorrows challenges by using co-creation and collective intelligence.”

Tommy has extensive experience as a sales manager in several large organizations. He is passionate about people and understanding the client’s needs, by finding solutions together that can contribute to development and a better working environment.

Daniel Ekbom

Daniel Ekbom


“Innovation is absolutely crucial for an organization’s competitiveness. The degree of innovation is most easily increased by involving more people. I think that 20 brains co-creating can give 20 times higher degree of innovation compared to a single brain. There, Vocean is an incredibly important tool for success.”
Daniel is CTO, development manager, at Vocean, which means he is responsible for the technical development of the platform. He administers, supports and holds our development team together, and also programs himself most of his working time.

Peter Kollin

Peter Kollin

Chairman of the Board & Founder

“Co-creating is a huge force for an organization. But why stop there? If you invite customers, suppliers, stakeholders and other companies – the whole eco systeminto the process, you can achieve greatness together. The sky is the limit.”
Peter is passionate about the power of collective thinking and disruptive innovation to develop breakthrough ideas. He believes in people and in a digital platform where you can work together. Peter has the attitude that anything is possible.

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