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Does your organization work with clearly defined improvement goals? Then you should consider working cross-functionally with Vocean. Our powerful tool can harness the collective intelligence of your organization in a smart and efficient way, no matter where in the world you are. By using the power of collective thinking any solutions created by your community are more easily adopted, engagement is encouraged, and commitment and understanding are strengthened. The solutions are simply more powerful – because everyone has been given the opportunity to contribute.

The function of cross-functional teams in organizations is to create groups of people with different skills and perspectives, such as sales people, communicators, developers and economists – who work together to achieve a common goal. These teams can work faster and achieve better results because they bring different aspects of the business together.

The advantages of cross-functional teams are that they can help reduce the effects of silo mentality in organizations, as well as improve understanding between different parts of a business. They can also contribute to increased consensus on, for example, priorities, and how the work of individual departments function and contribute to one another. By engaging members with different backgrounds, educations and affiliations, you introduce more perspectives into your teams, which in turn can lead to increased creativity and innovation.

Use Vocean to unlock collective intelligence and reach your goals

When a team working with improvement goals believes it needs the support of other experts in the organization to solve an issue, problem or challenge, Vocean can be a powerful tool. When using Vocean, an organization can easily invite both customers and suppliers to join in its improvement initiatives – which means you get the benefit of their valuable input too. Now that Vocean is seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Teams, it couldn’t be easier to create cross-functional teams both within and outside your organization. And since many people get to be involved in creating solutions using Vocean, their ideas often get greater traction faster and generate higher levels of commitment and understanding.

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