Are cloud services safe?

A man in a suit walking in the city with a blue fake cloud

More and more information is being moved to cloud services. But what about security? Should you trust an external service with your secrets? Or is a hard drive in the basement better?

More and more data is created on our planet. According to prognosis the world will have 175 zettabytes of data in 2025 (one zettabyte equals on trillion gigabytes). If that amount of data would be stored on Blu-ray Discs they could be piled into 23 stacks all reaching the moon. 49 percent of this incredible amount of data is predicted to be stored in different types of cloud services. During the last decade more and more companies, organizations and governments have started to migrate ever increasing amounts of data to the cloud. And as that becomes a reality more and more people are raising the questions about security.

It is a legit concern. A third party is responsible for storing what belongs to you. Often it involves very sensitive data such as trade secrets, classified corporate information, personal customer and citizen data. Information that needs to be secured.

There is a tendency today, not the least amongst big corporations, to focus to much on the fact that a third party is responsible for delicate data and to instinctively put a stop to it just because of that. That gut feeling move leaves them short of taking one important part into account: the analysis of their own ability when it comes to security.

– Imagine a Swedish middle sized business with their own IT-department for example within the logging industry. How much resources do they have for IT-security? Then compare that with the tech giants, for example Microsoft or Google. They have enormous departments solely working with cloud security. Which one of those two do you think will be able to provide the security of the data to a greater extent? Personally I’d rather put my money on one of the international IT giants, says Daniel Kassel, CTO at Vocean.

The development of tech is moving at an astonishing tempo nowadays. So fast that even tech companies themselves sometime have a hard time keeping up. Not to speak about ”regular” businesses. Today the level of technology is so advanced and the evolution of it happens at such a high pace that it is hard for engineers to be as broad in their range of focus as before. Programmers and software developers needs to be specialized. Which means that a lot of manpower is required to produce tech within several fields inhouse.

In short: it is too expensive and has negative effects on the quality. Imagine to ask you IT-department to develop your own email services instead of buying an existing one…

The latest right now within security and cloud services is quantum cryptography where quantum physics is used to achieve new completely unmatched levels of security. This technique won’t be first put to use at say a medical company in Sweden. It will be the specialized tech giants that first creates and introduces the latest and most advanced technology. And it will be through them that other companies can access the most advance and secure ways to store data.

To be able to take advantage of the latest within cloud security we at Vocean base our platform on Microsoft Azure – a safe, scalable and reliable cloud service at the fore front of cutting edge technology.

To stay relevant in today’s corporate environment digitalizing is mandatory. And that of course demands asking tough questions about security. But to reject cloud services solely on the premises that they are run by a third party is to shoot yourself in the foot.

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