Big push for Vocean to reach one million users

Vocean on multiple computer screens

Swedish digital platform Vocean, the company behind a new tool designed to boost digital co-creation, is investing heavily on all fronts – with a new recruitment drive and international collaborations currently underway.

“Interest in our co-creation tool is increasing sharply, which means we are able to recruit more people and, above all, give a platform to voices and opinions from even more people around the world”, says Daniel Kassell, CEO of Vocean.

Vocean is a new, inclusive and groundbreaking tool for digital co-creation. It enables organizations to seize opportunities and meet challenges in a smart, structured way.  Collecting thoughts and ideas from people both from within and outside organizations means more perspectives can be gathered on a particular issue, leading to better decision-making.

The company was founded in 2018 by Daniel Kassell and Peter Kollin, and has gained significant momentum in recent months. The company is now busy recruiting and hopes to double its current workforce after recently being integrated with Microsoft Teams – a collaboration that allows users to take their Team meetings to a whole new creative level.

“Interest in Vocean as a tool is really taking off, which is the main reason why we are strengthening our team right now. In addition, several new collaborations are underway with major world-leading partners, which will give Vocean exposure around the globe”, says Daniel Kassell.

Vocean’s development team is working non-stop to adjust, improve and refine the tool according to the market’s needs. As a result, a number of new features are being rolled out before the summer, including an integration with the Microsoft Power Platform.

“We like to stay in close contact with our users. After all, we created the tool for them, so their input is important to us”, says Daniel Ekbom, Vocean’s Development Manager.

Vocean’s goal is to reach one million active users worldwide by 2025, and to have collected 100 million value-creating ideas and have generated more than 100,000 intelligent reports that will help organizations make smarter decisions.

“Our vision is to make every voice heard around the world. We are convinced everyone has something to contribute, regardless of the role or skills they have. If you are going to run a company that strives to constantly improve then you have to take advantage of collective intelligence. Our innovative digital idea platform enables you to do just that”, concludes Daniel Kassell.

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