Digital ideas platform Vocean enables you to build fantastic social structures and networks. It’s a little like growing your very own ‘digital network tree’, all the way from the roots to the tips of the largest branches.

Can a login really be turned into a branch? With Vocean it can. Once you’ve logged in you can create as many accounts as you want, with different management licenses for different organizations based on their individual needs. This is where your journey starts towards a thriving network. One that can help you, your company and your customers on their developmental journey.

Imagine the trunk of your Vocean tree. Here are all your accounts, which you can switch between whenever you want. From the trunk and up to the crown of the tree grow the branches that symbolize the different leadership licenses you have and the ways you collaborate between your accounts.

With Vocean you can open a free account, which limits you to ten members in your network – meaning the branches of your tree will not be able to grow that high. You can also choose between two types of management licenses – Basic and Premium. A Basic license only allows you to use the platform within your own organization, which means that your branches end where your organization ends. So just like with a free account, your tree is going to stay rather small.

If you have a Premium license, however, you can work with groups both inside your organization as well as connect to networks outside your organization’s boundaries. This allows your Vocean tree to grow as large as you like and enables you to reach out to customers and other partners.

When you build collaborations and capture thoughts and ideas from different networks in your Vocean tree, the branches start to grow and become entwined. Different branches can also facilitate activities together, which in turn help new trees take root. These trees can then co-create digitally with other trees and branches. Together your networks can develop into an amazing ‘ideas ecosystem’ which will help your organization flourish.