The Digital Magic Behind Tankesmedjan’s Audio Event that Made Room for Hundreds of Voices

About the organization:

Tankesmedjan brings together researchers, consultants, and practitioners with the goal of promoting a smarter work life that balances productivity, well-being, and sustainability. Through interdisciplinary work, they generate insights and drive change. They share knowledge, create forums for knowledge exchange, and initiate collaborations with like-minded people to explore and improve aspects of work life.


Tankesmedjan for a Smarter Work Life decided to experiment with conducting a LinkedIn Audio Event for knowledge exchange. The goal was to create a dialogue around issues that can affect an individual’s engagement in the workplace and identify the major bottlenecks. There was a significant level of interest with over 700 registrations, and they quickly realized that they wouldn’t be able to accommodate everyone during the event itself. They needed to find another solution to capture everyone’s thoughts and ideas in a structured manner.

“When we announced our audio event, we thought everyone would have a chance to speak. Suddenly, we had several hundred registrations. Thankfully, we could easily get help through the Vocean platform and the excellent guidance we received to think creatively and still make everyone’s voices heard!”

Mårten Westberg,



Before the audio event, the organizers decided to use Vocean to gather participants’ thoughts in advance. The leaders shared two central questions with the participants via a link to Vocean in the event. 

 Once the leaders received enough responses, they created categories. This helped participants easily sort their ideas. In this way, a clear structure emerged among the contributions. Participants could also like other people’s anonymous thoughts and ideas to collaborate and prioritize what was most important. 

 This allowed the moderators to know in advance which areas the participants thought they should focus on and discuss before the event even started. 


  • Organized and structured collection of thoughts and ideas. 

  • Opportunity for participants to categorize and like contributions. 

  • Creates an open platform where everyone can be included and have their voice heard. 

“Being able to collect, categorize, and let participants prioritize the contributions in advance was a real advantage. It made our discussion richer and more focused on what the participants find important,”

Peter Bjellerup,


At a Glance:


  • Difficulty in collecting and organizing opinions from a large group.

  • Risk of some voices and their knowledge getting lost in the discussion.


  • Easy to structure and categorize contributions from several hundred individuals.

  • Encourages participants to engage by liking and prioritizing contributions.


Vocean provided a platform where participants could contribute their thoughts, prioritize others’ ideas, and thereby have their voices heard regarding the areas that should be the focus of the discussion at the event. It was an impressive start for Tankesmedjan with 760 registrations for the audio event and an impressive turnout of 30% for a Thursday evening.

With the help of Vocean, Tankesmedjan was able to not only create an in-depth discussion about engagement in the workplace but also ensure that as many voices as possible were heard to share important work-related experiences.

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