Trafikverket is testing to optimize their workshops using the Vocean platform to develop the workplaces of the future.

About the organization:

Trafikverket is one of Sweden’s largest authorities and is responsible for the comprehensive long-term infrastructure planning of road traffic, rail traffic, maritime transport, and aviation. The organization places great importance on creating a sustainable and healthy work environment for its employees.

TRV Workplace is a recurring event that brings together regional managers responsible for Trafikverket’s premises and local supply. The latest meeting included two workshops that focused on the design of future workplaces. To facilitate and streamline the work, they chose to test the Vocean platform.

“To maximize the workshop time and ensure a productive discussion, we tested collecting thoughts and ideas in advance from the participants through Vocean. This proved to be time-saving and created significant value, and we were able to develop and prioritize the key areas to work on,”

Bo Johansson,

Workplace Strategist,


The challenge was to have only half a day to cover several important areas, necessitating the need to streamline the time to create as much value as possible in the discussions and still prioritize key focus areas.


Trafikverket chose to streamline the workshop time by preparing and collecting ideas and thoughts from participants in advance using Vocean. This way, discussions could start directly based on the collected material, resulting in more value-creating time dedicated to the topic itself. The platform offered process support for idea generation, co-creation, idea enrichment, and consensus through prioritization of important contributions. This enabled efficient and time-saving discussions where new perspectives and solutions could be explored.


Two weeks before the workshops, 149 contributions were gathered from 11 participants on topics such as the future design of workplaces for Trafikverket’s employees, the role of the office, the impact of remote work on workplaces, and how to be an attractive employer for future generations and new employees. By giving participants the opportunity to submit their thoughts and ideas in advance, they had time to reflect and contribute when it suited their own schedule. The workshops began with an inspiring compilation of the collected contributions for each question, which ignited the discussions. By easily adding and clarifying thoughts and ideas in the platform, the results of the collaboration could be visualized in real-time.

Each group discussion concluded with participants using their mobile phones to “like” the contributions they considered most important to focus on going forward. The results were presented directly on the large screen through word clouds and lists of the most prioritized areas in ranking, with the voting process visible in real-time. In total, the participants gave 255 “likes” throughout the workshops. Trafikverket’s innovative approach is inspiring as they dared to think outside the box and explore new methods for designing workshops. By testing the Vocean platform, they paved the way for an engaging and rewarding workshop experience for all participants, while streamlining the use of time and increasing the value of the discussions to achieve the workshops’ goals.


  1. When the workshops began, a total of 149 thoughts and ideas had already been collected for the eleven questions. This created a rich foundation to build upon and increased engagement from the start.

  2. Participants could immediately engage in co-creation and enrichment of the collected contributions during group discussions. This enabled an interactive and dynamic process where new thoughts and ideas could be contributed and developed.

  3. By using the Vocean platform, contributions could be prioritized through a total of 255 “likes” given by the participants throughout the workshop. This provided a transparent and inclusive method for determining which areas should be focused on going forward.

  4. The workshops were easily summarized through an AI-generated report that compiled the results and presented conclusions for each question and for the workshop as a whole.

In Summary:


  • Difficulty in extracting significant value from workshops with tight time frames
  • Time-consuming process of summarizing and compiling the results


  • Easy collection of participants’ thoughts and ideas before the workshop to enable quick startup and enrichment of contributions on-site
  • Real-time monitoring of results and prioritizations, as well as fast AI-generated compilation at the end of the workshop.
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