Why innovation is critical to your business

Being able to capitalize on innovation is critical for business success, according to a new report published by a leading global technology research and consulting firm. The report produced by US-based Gartner, an S&P 500 company that advises businesses in over 100 countries worldwide, found that everyone in an organization needs to feel a part […]

Achieve success by creating cross-functional teams in Vocean

Does your organization work with clearly defined improvement goals? Then you should consider working cross-functionally with Vocean. Our powerful tool can harness the collective intelligence of your organization in a smart and efficient way, no matter where in the world you are. By using the power of collective thinking any solutions created by your community […]

The Role of a Manager Has to Change

Today, we believe that the problem in most organizations isn’t simply that management is inefficient, it’s that the role and purpose of a “manager” haven’t kept pace with what’s needed, Harvard Business Review writes. We have summarized their brilliant text. Management has long been associated with the five basic functions: planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and […]

How to create fast-thinking organizations

Do you want satisfied customers and employees who feel invested in your organization? Then you must be responsive and listen to people’s feedback, thoughts and ideas. And Vocean has a new digital tool that helps you do just that. “Vocean enables you to easily collect other people’s perspectives and opinions. There are so many smart […]

New research: Traditional brainstorming does not work digitally

Traditional brainstorming does not work digitally. It shows extensive research. Instead, use virtual brainstorming to create innovation. Proven better experience for the group members, more ideas are generated and the balance between the participants is better. Most of us have attended traditional brainstorming meetings. You enter a room with colleagues, throw a lot of ideas […]

Why do companies become less innovative as they grow? A paradox worth examining

Organizational growth is almost always a positive thing. It’s a measure of company health, success, and financial empowerment. Regardless of how scalable your model is, or how efficient your programmatic strategies are, you eventually need more humans to accomplish more things to position your company for growth. So you ramp. Ten employees become 50, then […]

Empowerment: the key to future leadership

We see more and more studies showing the close connection between the productivity of businesses and their employees’ impression of being able to control and influence work. Hierarchical structures with top/down management have difficulties meeting the new generation’s requirements for self-leadership and meaningful tasks that encourage personal development. Instead, maintaining or increasing productivity gets more […]

Why digitalizing is becoming unavoidable for businesses to stay relevant and competitive

The days of the traditional physical workplace as a dominant set up are soon history. We are transitioning towards a new, interconnected and fast moving world, requiring lateral and cluster collaborations as well as new methods of leadership. Digitalization as well as Artificial Intelligence will be imperative to increase efficiency and enable successful collaborations. With […]

Why nice managers create more engaged and better performing teams


A new type of leadership is here to stay. This is how it makes employees grow and your organization flourish: A study made at the world’s top business school, Harvard Business School, showed that people who were praised before doing tasks under high pressure and stress performed much better compared to people that did not […]