Future Position X – Näringen Tolvfors, Gävle


Innovation Camp on 16 December 2020 using the Vocean platform. A full-day workshop with the urban development projects Tolvfors and Näringen. 14 participants from FPX, Gävleborg Region, Gävle University, Gävle Business Unit, Gävle Municipality and others who conducted a digital workshop with eight different activities. The activities were activated via Qr code using computers and […]

GovTech Day 2020


Sweden’s GovTech day was held on December 1, 2020, with Vocean playing a key role in the digital innovation conference. With hundreds of participants from dozens of organisations in the public and private sector, the full day conference is the country’s most prominent event for driving public sector digital innovation. GovTech Day brought an impressive […]

AFA Försäkring – FoU Dagen – 500 participants


AFA Försäkring AB – R&D Day 2020 in October Digital Event using Vocean 500 researchers and other actors in work environment and health participated in the full day, where the event was moderated by Ellinor Persson and interaction in real-riding was carried out via Vocean. Three issues via qr code in the live broadcast as […]

Atea – Workshop for business plan 2021 – Gysinge


50 employees conducted workshops with four activities, two challenges and two positions to be prioritized. In two hours, 300 ideas were developed using QR codes and mobiles, Insight reports informed actionable next steps. ​​ “I absolutely believe that a platform can help us capture and increase our ability to innovate in everyday life and hopefully also our customers. […]

Proof of Concept – Billerud Korsnäs


Using Vocean, Billerud Korsnäs ran an internal workshop with 60+ employees covering numerous innovation topics. In 2.5 hours, the team generated over 30 new concepts with over 2000 responses!​ ​“The application allows individuals to come up with ideas without being influenced by others in the group and makes everything visual and time efficient. With the […]