Vocean Development Manager: “Everyone here feels involved”

Daniel Ekbom, Vocean

Being passionately interested in what you do – that’s the secret of job satisfaction for one Development Manager working at Swedish digital developer Vocean. ​​”We work with the very latest technologies, so you’re constantly learning new things. That’s why it’s crucial you think staying up-to-date is fun”, says Daniel Ekbom. Vocean is a digital ideas […]

Vocean Customer Manager: “could be one of the best workplaces I’ve ever had”!

Mats Strandow, Vocean

Working as a Customer Manager at Vocean means you get to stay in touch and build relationships with new and existing customers both digitally and in person. “It’s a fantastic way of working. Communicating digitally makes everything so much more efficient, and technology enables you to easily connect with people who are interested in what […]

2022 – let’s go!

We have had a fantastic 2021. We have become partners with Microsoft Teams and have implemented the world’s largest workshop. Among many things. Here we have summarized the most important news for Vocean 2021. Download for the full newsletter.