Create a success at your next event with Vocean: Maximize participant involvement and engagement with AI 

Creating successful and memorable events is about more than just inviting the right speakers and choosing an interesting location. It’s about creating interactivity, engagement, and a sense of participation among the attendees. This is where Vocean, an innovative collaboration and innovation platform, comes into the picture, creating a new world of opportunities for event planners. 

Vocean is a platform that enables co-creation and innovation by using digital tools and artificial intelligence (AI). The platform allows participants to interact with each other and with speakers in a completely new way – both before, during, and after the event.

One of the significant benefits of Vocean is its use of AI. The AI can analyze and generate a report of all the data collected during the event within seconds. This feature provides added value to both the organizers and the participants. Organizers can swiftly gain insights into the success of the event, and can be shared with participants after the event. 

Before the event, participants can ask questions, contribute ideas, and express their expectations. This not only creates a sense of anticipation and engagement but also provides the organizers with valuable insight into the participants’ interests and needs. It helps shape the program and make it more relevant and engaging for all attendees. 

During the event, Vocean becomes an interactive platform where participants can like the questions they want the lecturers to answer, and contribute their own thoughts and ideas in real-time. This elevates the level of interactivity and makes each presentation more dynamic and engaging. 

The result? A highly interactive event where participants are more engaged than they have ever been before. They feel more involved in the process and their voices are heard. It creates a sense of community and ownership, which in turn leads to more positive experiences and better results for everyone involved. 

“We have conducted several interactive events using the Vocean platform and the results have been very positive. By involving the participants, we have created a dynamic and engaging atmosphere during our events. Vocean gives us the ability to compile a report after the event that summarizes both the content and the valuable contributions from the participants.  Vocean’s AI has provided us with quick and valuable insights into our events, and we look forward to continuing to use the platform to create even more interactivity and engagement in the future.”

Beatrice de Maré Peterson

HEXANOVA Events ab

Taking it to the next level

So, if you want to take your next event to the next level, consider using Vocean to maximize participant involvement and engagement. The AI-enabled analysis and reporting capabilities of Vocean will surprise you with the positive effect it can have on your event and on the participants’ experience. 

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