They want to create an ocean of voices – a new agreement with Microsoft will pave the way

Vocean on a computer

To create digital support to elevate each employee’s ideas and thoughts about the companies. This is the newly started company Vocean’s mission with its new collaboration platform. Now they have signed a collaboration agreement with the IT giant Microsoft – something they hope will be a breakthrough.

With its collaboration platform, the Söderhamn-based startup company Vocean wants to create digital support to, as they put it, “release ideas and thoughts”.

It is about employees in an organization during a meeting getting the right tools to air their ideas and get feedback on them. With the help of AI, you can then create insights based on the data that is created.

– The basic idea is to involve more people in the meetings, to invite the participants to the meeting, capture their thoughts in real time and be able to act quickly based on this data, says one of the founders Peter Kollin who is also CEO of the company.

Read the full article on Computer Sweden from IDG via the link below. (The full article is available inte swedish only)–nytt-avtal-med-microsoft-ska-bana-vagen

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