Get certified in the Vocean platform

Get certified in the platform


Hi and Welcome to this digital education in Vocean and its platform.

We have divided this education into several chapters in order for you to get a good overview of the platform and its different parts and capabilities. In each chapter you will get the information in text and pictures. And don’t worry, all this information can always be accessed again for you to go back to if you want to repeat some of the parts!

Vocean offers a platform for open innovation, idea generation, collaboration, and understanding among stakeholders.

This happens through maximum involvement of people and by creating opportunities to make more involved and informed decisions. This happens in our platform by collecting ideas, and working with and refining them as a group. Thereafter, a common understanding is built through overviewing the results together, and reports can be used as a basis for decision-making.

The result is empowered individuals who have the opportunity to face challenges and create new solutions together using collective intelligence. The effects for your organization are measurable, noticeable and competitive.

You can also watch this quick video before moving on, and once you feel done with a chapter, scroll to the bottom and click “Next chapter”.