Innovation at the Speed of Thought

Your employees have brilliant ideas that aren’t being heard
Give them a voice with Vocean

The organization of the future uses Vocean

You hired an amazing team. Now give them the tools to drive innovation.

Vocean’s platform puts the power of ideation in the hands of every employee. They can share new ideas quickly with co-workers, partners, customers or even consumers and get structured feedback using our broad collection of data-gathering activities.

Groups of Vocean users can quickly iterate on concepts regardless of their digital platform or geographic location.

To put it simply; it’s like brainstorming on a massive global scale, with data-driven reports that drive smarter decision-making, stronger alignment and faster execution.

Industries Already Using Vocean


Tap into the collective intelligence of your entire staff


Empower the voices of teachers, parents and students


Stimulate innovation and accelerate time to implementation


Give your employees and patients a platform to drive improvements


Enable employees to communicate efficiency and safety ideas


Stimulate ideation between corporate and field employees