Our platform

VOCEAN™ makes it easy for teams and management to connect people and their thoughts, ideas, opinions, etc. in effective workflows.

Essential concepts

The platform is built on three key concepts:


What should be done
in different ways


Those who will contribute
through the activities


The person creating the
activities and inviting the Thinkers

Through Activities in VOCEAN™, you can quickly invite Thinkers to give opinions, create tasks, vote, participate in workflows, and innovate processes and products, as well as provide feedback. The opportunity to review activities helps employees structure their everyday lives and prioritize commitments. The structure of the service creates team transparency and leadership. The activities are easy to set up and combine to create powerful workflows.

VOCEAN™ offers five types of activities:


A voting module consisting of questions that the Thinker may respond to in chosen way and format


Create everyday structure through distribution and management of tasks and responsibilities


Enables e.g. to manage deviations and crises


Stimulates and manages ideation and innovation processes


A tool to gather opinions and thoughts around certain topics or areas through multiple questions

Through the ability to pair and combine different activities in a smooth workflows, users can perform what is termed a ‘VOCEAN’. This involves taking a problem formulation or strategy through an active, solution-focused move forward. By collecting and validating insights, ultimately, personal and concrete commitments are crystallized to help you implement changes and innovations.

The reason behind VOCEAN™’s concept is to regard all people as Thinkers- valuable carriers of thoughts, opinions, ideas, information and creative abilities. With the platform, you reach out to selected Thinkers and let them join the process. The Thinkers can be members of a specific team, everyone in the company, your development partners, selected customers, your followers on social media, or anyone living in a particular geographical location. Individual Thinkers become an incredibly powerful resource through VOCEAN™ when their thoughts are linked, structured, validated and analyzed.

The Creator (Administrator) is the person in the web-based user interface setting up what should be done through an activity and which people, ie, which Thinkers, should be invited to the activity. The Creator is also the person who has access to reports and findings that the activity generates. The Creator is the only person able to annotate their own comments and conclusions in the otherwise locked reports. The number of people who can be Creators in your organization depends on the licensing model you choose.

Innovate Management

Act proactively instead of reacting by maximizing your innovation power through harvesting collective intelligence and creating real-time insights.

About how VOCEAN ™ stimulates Innovative Management

Technical data

  • Maintenance free and no local installation required
  • Web-based management platform with support for all latest versions of browsers
  • Intuitive user interface: easy to administer and manage
  • Data input for Thinkers via computer and mobile web page and mobile app (iOS and Android)
  • MS Azure provides enormous speed and scalability as well as high performance and storage that automatically launches when needed
  • 99.99% Guaranteed Uptime
  • High security
  • GDPR safe

Artificial Intelligence

Powerful, insightful Artificial Intelligence

VOCEAN™’s self-learning AI engine generates statistically-guaranteed output for impartial insights, presented in reports with summaries and conclusions.

The AI engine not only helps you analyze raw data for statistical significance but also helps the user handle the large amounts of data. Making managing data an easy task.

Graphical customization

You can determine parts of the appearance within the VOCEAN™ cloud service and on the reports that are generated. For example, you can choose any of the predefined color schemes and fonts available in the web-based user interface.


Invite individuals to participate in your activity manually or via easy data upload

For initiating large recipient groups, the administrator has two choices:

Upload a file with mobile phone numbers and / or e-mail addresses

Manually enter mobile phone numbers and / or e-mail addresses

Your recipients – the “Thinkers”  – receive a message to accept your invite once your request has been submitted. Once accepted, they will first and foremost access the platform to fill in the names and a few parameters about them (not mandatory).

Once that is done, they will be able to accept to participate in any activity they wish to take part in.

GDPR compliance is very important for both us and our clients, so naturally we enable Thinkers to opt-out on their participation as a Thinker or delete their profile at any given time.