Frequently asked questions

Below you will find the most frequently asked questions about Vocean.


The Workboard is the place for co-creation. Here you can build processes that you can do with your co-workers or people outside of your organization.
You can invite people through QR-codes or links and include the whole process or just parts of it. Create different activities in the Workboard and invite people to several activities at once.
The results from these activities can be used to create new activities directly in the Workboard. Make a report of the whole process or just include some parts. The Workboard is flexible, create it so it suits your needs perfectly!

Activities are a part of the powerful toolbox Vocean offers. The three activities Vote, Innovate and Explore serve different purposes and work well together.

Innovate is a powerful activity used when you need to co-create digitally. It’s used to collect ideas and thoughts on questions and challenges, upvote and add to other’s ideas and sort out the best. Involve colleagues, partners, and people outside of your organization. By co-creating with people both inside and outside your organization you get many perspectives and can benefit from the collective intelligence in your descision-making!

Vote is used to prioritize the things you have innovated on. You can quickly gather opinions from colleagues, partners, customers or another large audience. The participants get quick feedback on what the results are. Everything is updated in real-time. As with all Vocean activities the results can be compiled into an intelligent report.

Explore can be used to quickly and easily gather valuable insights from people inside and outside of your organization. You can set up questions of five types with the results updated in real-time. With the results you can make an intelligent report to be used in future decision making.

Templates are the quickest way to get started in Vocean. The templates are pre-made processes that you can create with just one click. Before inviting people to this template, you can customize the activities to your liking.

You can also create your own templates for processes you want to do often. Simply create a Workboard with your activities and save it as a template from the starting screen on your Workboard.

The platform in Vocean makes it easy to invite people. Simply connect an activity link or QR-code with one click and send them to your participants. The people participating in your activities do not need to register an account, just scan or click and go!

Yes, you can have several leaders in the same activity! Togheter you can manage the same activity. This is very useful if you have a lot of participants or you want to work at different times with the same activity.

When doing an activity in Vocean, you can at any time get an automatically created report from the results. This report can be customized and you can choose what data from which activity to include. Then just save the report as a pdf or print it.

You can also export the data from activities to other apps. Vocean is connected to Power Automate and you can also export the results directly to Excel, for example.

Vocean is fully integrated with Microsoft Teams, and you can use the whole platform during meetings and in the chat.

Additionally, Vocean is connected to Microsofts Power Automate, which means you can connect Vocean to hundreds of other apps also connected to Power Automate.

If you are using another service that supports iframe embedding, you can embedd Vocean there. It’s possible to embedd participation links or just the results-view.

Vocean can be run from any computer or smartphone. All you need is a modern browser and you can access the platform.

How many people you can involve in your activities depends on the type of account you have. The basic license allows up to 100 participants at the same time in an activity. If you need room for more people, the premium license allows up to 350 participants. However, it’s possible to be an unlimited amount of participants. Then we suggest you book a meeting with us and looking into the Enterprise license.


The Premium license offers your unrivaled access to the Vocean Platform. In addition to what the Basic license offers, a Premium Leader can invite people with QR-codes and links meaning the participants do not need an account to join an activity.

A Premium Leader can also utilize the integration with Microsoft Teams, the Platform works fully in Teams in meetings or chats! The Premium license also offers more participants in an activity, up to 350!

To modify a Vocean subscription you need to have ownership of the Vocean license. You can review and modify your subscription by heading to the Store inside the platform. If you need additional help with your subscription, like cancelation, you can contact us.


To change ownership of an account, you need to be the current owner. The person you want to transfer ownership to needs to be an Administrator in your account (This is done in the “Members”-tab) and a member of your account. Then you can transfer the ownership by going to the “Settings” tab in the left menu. Scroll down and press “Change ownership”.

When trying to log in to Vocean press “Forgot password?”. Here you can enter your email and you will receive a link to your email with additional instructions on how you can change your password. If you don’t receive anything, check the spam folder! Make sure that you enter the correct email that you previously used with Vocean, otherwise you will not receive an email!

About Vocean

To consistently provide products that your customers actually want, you need innovation. To make efficient innovation, you need input from the outside. This is where co-creation comes in. To co-create digitally you open up your innovation process to the voices that would not be involved normally. No matter where they are in the world.

Work together in processes by discussing ideas, adding and upvoting each other’s submissions.

If you would like to read about Customer success stories, we would recommend you read about when Vojigo used Vocean for their workshop, or when Vocean conducted the fastest workshop with 30 companies.

Vocean is fully GDPR-compliant and the servers are secure. You as a customer own all your data, and we will not pass this on to any other third party. If you would like to read the full Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, you can do that here.

Vocean is available worldwide easily from our store. The current supported languages are English and Swedish.

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