Frontit’s Recipe for Success in an Interactive Leadership Event

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Vocean helped us create a co-creative atmosphere between participants and speakers in a natural and simple way. This made it possible to practically conduct an event where participantsthoughts and insights took a more prominent role, increasing not only engagement but also promoting increased knowledge exchange.”

Anna Rönning

Project & Change Manager,

Challenge: Increasing Engagement at a Leadership Event

In the planning of Frontit’sLeadership Event” in Örebro on May 25th, the challenge was to break the usual dynamic where speakers dominate and the audience passively listens. Frontit sought technological support to facilitate a more interactive and participant-centered event.

Goal: Interactive Discussions and Insights on Future Leadership

The goal of the event was to bring together around a hundred managers and leaders to explore the interaction between future leadership, sustainability, change management, and digitization. Frontit aimed to create an event where participants were not only inspired but could also actively contribute their perspectives and ideas to initiate changes within their respective organizations.

Solution: From Passivity to Participation with the Vocean Platform

By using Vocean’s digital platform during the leadership event in Örebro, Frontit was able to offer an entirely new interactive experience. The platform’s features literally brought participants onto the stage, enabling interactive panel discussions and real-time questions to speakers. This created an atmosphere of participation and discussion that was dynamic and engaging.

Participants not only listened but also participated by responding to quick exploratory questions from the speakers, such as “which of the following trends do you think will have the greatest impact on your future leadership approach?” This reversed approach to interaction created a new level of engagement and opened the door for mutual learning between speakers and participants.


Increased Interactivity: The Vocean platform transformed the event into a deeper and more participant-centered experience, with 10 activities conducted and 509 contributions gathered from the hundred participants.  Enhanced Knowledge Exchange: The platform enabled a mutual dialogue that enriched contributions through discussions between speakers and participants. 

Conclusion: Interactive Leadership Events are the Future

Frontit’s use of the Vocean platform during its leadership event in Örebro clearly demonstrates how technology facilitated and improved interactivity, thereby increasing engagement and knowledge exchange throughout the day. Instead of pure lectures, the focus was on participant-centered interaction, where participants could easily ask questions, share ideas, and co-create and enrich each other’s contributions. Frontit’s experience shows that interactivity is at the heart of future leadership events where participants seek new insights and learn from each other.

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