GovTech Day 2020


Sweden’s GovTech day was held on December 1, 2020, with Vocean playing a key role in the digital innovation conference. With hundreds of participants from dozens of organisations in the public and private sector, the full day conference is the country’s most prominent event for driving public sector digital innovation. GovTech Day brought an impressive group of speakers to the virtual stage including Sweden’s Minister of Digization, Anders Ygeman, and other global leaders from Sweden, Norway, and Canada.

GovTechDay Sweden live stream - Time for Vocean

Vocean’s Digital Ideation Engine was used to collect new innovative ideas and give feedback on the information conveyed during presentations. Throughout the five hour conference, over 500 contributions were entered into the Vocean system, proving just how powerful and effective digital ideation can be with the right tool at hand.

Of course sorting through 500 ideas and responses could have been quite a time-consuming chore if done manually. But Vocean’s AI-driven reporting capabilities built a 40-page insights report complete with visualisations, word clouds, and insights. The in-depth report was generated in less than one hour, saving an enormous amount of manual labor, while also gathering contextual insights from the data that would have required an entire team of analysts to evaluate.

With a clear desire to accelerate digitisation in the public sector to keep pace with the private company innovation, Vocean’s Digital Ideation Engine is ready to help organisations drive innovation at the speed of thought. For more information on GovTech Day 2020 click on this link.

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