How to create fast-thinking organizations

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Do you want satisfied customers and employees who feel invested in your organization? Then you must be responsive and listen to people’s feedback, thoughts and ideas. And Vocean has a new digital tool that helps you do just that.

“Vocean enables you to easily collect other people’s perspectives and opinions. There are so many smart people out there – it would be a waste not to leverage their thoughts and ideas”, says Vocean’s CEO, Daniel Kassell.

Is it always you that comes up with all the best ideas? Maybe sometimes – but probably not always. The vast majority of great ideas are the result of collaborations and exchanges between a number of individuals. It was this insight that led Daniel Kassell and Peter Kollin to create and launch the Vocean digital co-creation platform back in 2018.

“We sat a bunch of guys in a conference room and tried to improve our thought processes. We succeeded to a degree within the framework of our existing competencies, but soon realized we had our limitations. We understood at that moment that we needed to broaden our perspectives and gather ideas from a wider group of people in order to progress. It’s an insight that is actually pretty self-evident, but not everyone has grasped it”, says Peter Kollin, Vocean’s Chairman of the Board.

In Vocean you build your own ideas platform by forming networks that you can then use to refine ideas and co-create digitally. It is easy to invite others to participate in activities – both those working within your organization as well as people around it. You can, for example, ask your customers what they think about your products, gather feedback from suppliers about your brand and discover how your employees want your organization to develop. And so much more.

“By listening to others you let them know they are important and that their thoughts and ideas matter. This creates a sense of commitment and the feeling that everyone is included – something that is extremely important for any well-functioning workplace and customer/external relationships. It is important to be open and gather different perspectives in order to make smarter decisions. It’s simply not enough to think you always know best and not to bother listening to others”, says Daniel Kassell.

The Vocean digital tool is built around three basic activities – Vote, Explore and Innovate – which should preferably be combined to create ground-breaking ideas. You can, for example, use the Innovate activity to identify problems, gather ideas on how to solve them and then let people evaluate them. Then you can use the Vote activity to see which ideas participants think are the best.

“The possibilities are endless. Working in this way is the future – creating democratic and fast-thinking organizations that are always connected to the people in and around them. You can identify risks and challenges well in advance and work inclusively, which means employees and customers always feel they are part of your organization’s journey. So for fast and impressive results, it’s time to get rid of all those rigid and outdated analog tools and start collaborating with Vocean”, says Daniel Kassell.

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