Benefit from Vocean as HR

What do your employees think?

In Vocean, you can do digital employee surveys, but also ask continuous and simple questions to see how your organization is doing – even in the event of major changes. Everybody’s voices can be heard and the number of participants is unlimited. Everyone can participate completely anonymously – here, the idea and not the idea bearer is in focus, which makes it easier to think more openly.

Keep track of the employer brand

By continuously collecting thoughts from the outside world about how you are perceived, you gain insights on how you can improve your own employer brand. By taking the employees to the boardroom, you create the workplace of the future.

Collect – and share

With Vocean, you can collect employees’ ideas about how they want the organization to develop. In the tool, you can also let employees see each other’s ideas and vote on which ones they think are best, completely anonymously.

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