Inission demonstrates how to create an inclusive and innovative conference with the Vocean platform

About the organization:

Inission is a total provider of customized manufacturing services and products within advanced industrial electronics and mechanics. Inission has embarked on a long-term journey of improvement, initiating the conference “Involve” as an annual forum where employees, customers, and suppliers come together to succeed.

“Throughout the day, we noticed extensive involvement from the 100 participants, who contributed over 2,200 interactions on the Vocean platform. It was fantastic”

Fredrik Berghel,



Inission faced a challenge when planning the “Involve” conference. They recognized the need to increase participant engagement during the event since the focus often remains on speakers while the audience listens passively. The goal of the conference was to create a space where around 100 industry managers and decision-makers could share their experiences on promoting inclusivity, equality, and sustainability. Inission also wanted to gather input and experiences from the public to enrich the conference with diverse perspectives. The challenge was to create a conference that not only inspired participants during the day but also generated solutions that they could take back and implement in their own organizations.


Inission successfully increased participant engagement before, during, and after their “Involve” event by utilizing the Vocean platform. Vocean provides process support for idea generation, collaboration, and consensus building, facilitating efficient and time-saving discussions where new perspectives and solutions are explored and addressed.

Prior to the conference, Inission collected input from the public on LinkedIn, linking to a Vocean activity where individuals could contribute tips and experiences to promote inclusion, equality, and diversity. The conference began with a compilation of the 50 submissions received, inspiring further discussions.

All speakers posed quick exploratory questions to the audience during their presentations to capture their current perspectives. This shift in questioning from speakers to the audience made a difference. The real-time results were presented through various diagrams.

Additionally, each speaker initiated group discussions using the Vocean platform after their presentations. Participants first reflected individually on the question and entered their thoughts and ideas via their mobile devices. The group then discussed and enriched the suggestions, concluding by individually liking the top three solutions within the group via their mobile devices. The results were then displayed in real-time on the big screen through Vocean’s word clouds and lists of contributions from all groups. Each keynote speaker could directly engage in dialogue regarding the overall results and also dive into what each table had identified as their top solutions, prompting them to deepen their thoughts. In this way, Inission facilitated a deeper exchange of experiences at each table and between tables, providing equal opportunities for all participants to share their ideas.

Inission impressed as a role model for involvement and innovation during the event, and their use of the Vocean platform paved the way for a more engaging and rewarding conference experience for all participants.


  1. At the start of the conference, there were already 50 thoughts and tips with collected experiences from the public.

  2. Throughout the day, a total of 875 ideas were gathered (via 18 activities) for participants to co-create and enrich in group discussions. The speakers received a total of 716 responses to their direct questions to the participants.

  3. The ideas were prioritized through a total of 595 likes during the day in the group exercises. A compilation of each group’s three collectively top-ranked solutions was presented directly after each discussion for all participants.

At a Glance:


  1. Increased involvement and exchange of experiences
  2. Arriving at new solutions that can be initiated within one’s own organization


  1. From ideas to co-creation to prioritized solutions in a short time.
  2. High participation yields new thoughts and solutions to take home from the event.
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