Leading IT experts join Vocean’s board

Per Melbi and Anders Norberg

Leading IT experts Per Melbi and Anders Norberg have announced they are joining Vocean’s Board of Directors.

“Vocean has a very bright future – I have rarely seen a company with such perfect timing for a product”, says Per Melbi.

Vocean develops and sells a digital platform that can be used, for example, to collect thoughts, ideas or opinions from people both inside and outside organizations around the world. All the collected data can be easily compiled into reports and insights using Artificial Intelligence. These reports can then be used as a basis for future decision-making. 

The company is now welcoming two industry experts to its board. One of them, Anders Norberg, has worked in the software industry since the 1980s, and has extensive experience with software-based products and services.

“I have actually worked in pretty much every role that exists in a software company – development, project management, product management, sales and as a CEO. I believe I can give Vocean support in the strategic choices they face in the future. I have considerable experience of working with organizational development, both in a company’s early phases and in later stages when you have an established customer network to grow”, says Anders Norberg.

Per Melbi has worked in the IT industry since 1986, and was formerly Vice President of Atea, where he also worked as a Regional Manager in all of Atea’s business regions. He currently holds a position as Atea’s Senior Business Executive, where he assists with change projects whenever management expertise is needed.

“I have a very broad network of contacts, both in Sweden and internationally, so I hope to be able to help open important doors. I thrive on working with change, and Vocean’s whole idea is to change how organizations work with conceptual ideas and decision-making. 

“It’s about building teams and getting people pulling in the same direction, but also about giving a voice to those people who are normally quiet at meetings. These people’s ideas are also important and they should be heard. Vocean understands this, and their platform is perfect for doing just that”, says Per Melbi.

In June this year Vocean entered into a partnership with Microsoft, which means Vocean’s platform is now available on Microsoft Appsource.

“The collaboration with Microsoft is extremely important. It is a ‘win or lose’ for any company that wants to work with software development and smart apps, and it’s an absolute dealmaker to have Microsoft with you. I am impressed how quickly Vocean made their way through Microsoft’s notoriously demanding quality requirements,” says Per Melbi.

Anders Norberg also believes Vocean’s product is perfectly timed for the current business digital development, as well as the new working methods created by, among other things, the pandemic.

“It is difficult to find good digital solutions today that support a collaborative approach. It is here that Vocean has developed exactly the right model. I firmly believe in their concept, not only on the software side, but also in the company’s philosophy and strategy. It’s about how you relate to your employees, and how important it is for everyone to be involved and contribute. It harmonizes perfectly with my own thinking”, he says.

Per Melbi is also confident about Vocean’s future, and believes the market is ready for its product.

“I definitely see an international market ahead of us, although we will start at home. I love this type of fast-thinking, entrepreneurial company. It will be exciting to follow their journey”, says Per Melbi.

Peter Kollin, Chairman of the Board of Vocean, is looking forward to working with the two new board members.

“We are delighted to have brought their expertise into the company. We have enormous development potential and are grateful to have access to their knowledge and network of contacts”, he says.

Peter Kollin founded Vocean in 2018 together with Daniel Kassell. The company has its headquarters in Söderhamn and offices in Hudiksvall.

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