Unleash the power of digital Co-creation

Every company and organization needs powerful, creative ideas in order to develop and grow. We believe a crucial factor for success is digital co-creation, where the ideas themselves are highlighted - and not just the people that generate them. With our new Vocean digital ideas platform it is now possible to collect and develop ground-breaking ideas from people in, around and outside your organization. Everyone has the opportunity to get involved as you create a more transparent organization and receive invaluable data that will help you make smarter decisions. Right now you can try Vocean for free for 14 days. Invite your network to discussions and workshops and unleash the power of your ideas!


Gather your
ideas in Vocean

Collect thoughts and ideas from your employees and the ecosystem around you. Our tool is simple and easy to use.


Collect unique and
groundbreaking ideas

Vocean helps you discover groundbreaking ideas that can boost your business. Participants receive feedback directly, and you can follow the results of any activity work in real time. All data can then be easily converted into intelligent reports.


Make smarter

In our fast-moving world it is critical for businesses to be able to analyze things around them. The insights you’ll gain from Vocean will enable you to make quicker, more accurate decisions that will help your business reach its goals.

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