Launch of new-look workboard

People pointing at the screen of a laptop

Vocean is launching a completely new-look workboard for its innovative ideas platform, making it even easier to keep track of all your activities and processes.

“The new workboard is so easy to use, has a smart new design and works seamlessly with Microsoft Teams”, says Daniel Kassell, CEO of Vocean.

Here’s a quick look at some of the new features:

A totally new look
The workboard has been given a completely new look. It’s now easier than ever to add multiple new activities or existing activities to your workboard and create processes and flows between them in one comprehensive overview. You can also generate reports for all activities in your workboard. A new sidebar has also been added to enable easy navigation through all your activities.

A new experience
The workboard provides a presentation and picture that welcomes participants and introduces them to an activity. Participants are constantly guided through all activities, and given information about the best way to participate and what they are expected to do.

New design
Activities have been redesigned and made even easier to use.

Everything’s in real time
Now you can monitor the entire workboard and all your activities simultaneously in real time. When new activities are added – or updated or ended – all changes are displayed as they happen.

Activity description
You can now update the description of any activity, such as the title, goal or image, directly on the workboard – even after ideas have already been sent in.

Microsoft Teams
The workboard has been adapted to ensure it integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Teams.

Se a film about the new workboard here.

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