Our platform

Essential concepts

VOCEAN™ makes it easy for teams and management to connect people and their thoughts, ideas, opinions, etc. in effective workflows.
The platform is built on three key concepts:


What should be done
in different ways


Those who will contribute
through the activities


The person creating the
activities and inviting the Thinkers

Through Activities in VOCEAN™, you can quickly invite Thinkers to give opinions, create tasks, vote, participate in workflows, and innovate processes and products, as well as provide feedback. The opportunity to review activities helps employees structure their everyday lives and prioritize commitments. The structure of the service creates team transparency and leadership. The activities are easy to set up and combine to create powerful workflows.

VOCEAN™ offers five types of activities:


A voting module consisting of questions that the Thinker may respond to in chosen way and format


Create everyday structure through distribution and management of tasks and responsibilities


Enables e.g. to manage deviations and crises


Stimulates and manages ideation and innovation processes


A tool to gather opinions and thoughts around certain topics or areas through multiple questions

Through the ability to pair and combine different activities in a smooth workflows, users can perform what is termed a ‘VOCEAN’. This involves taking a problem formulation or strategy through an active, solution-focused move forward. By collecting and validating insights, ultimately, personal and concrete commitments are crystallized to help you implement changes and innovations.

The reason behind VOCEAN™’s concept is to regard all people as Thinkers- valuable carriers of thoughts, opinions, ideas, information and creative abilities. With the platform, you reach out to selected Thinkers and let them join the process. The Thinkers can be members of a specific team, everyone in the company, your development partners, selected customers, your followers on social media, or anyone living in a particular geographical location. Individual Thinkers become an incredibly powerful resource through VOCEAN™ when their thoughts are linked, structured, validated and analyzed.

The Creator (Administrator) is the person in the web-based user interface setting up what should be done through an activity and which people, ie, which Thinkers, should be invited to the activity. The Creator is also the person who has access to reports and findings that the activity generates. The Creator is the only person able to annotate their own comments and conclusions in the otherwise locked reports. The number of people who can be Creators in your organization depends on the licensing model you choose.

Innovative Management

Act proactively instead of reacting

Through research-validated methods, Vocean maximizes creative thinking in individuals and enables effective gathering of vital insights for better decision-making and foresight leadership. VOCEAN™’s service helps the promoter find unwavering and value-creating approaches to addressing challenges and responding to the demands of our changing environment. This enables a more agile company to act instead of responding to changes and challenges.

Maximize your innovation power

Through our innovation process, many people gather insights, experience and creative thinking to reach the next level of innovation power. To first expose the individual to their own individual creative thinking without stress from others, as well as to validate their idea against predefined parameters, the project or leadership team will help in the next step with the validation of all ideas and identification of the best. In the next step, if desired, selected individuals – or why not the entire organization – are validated among the selection of the most value-creating ideas.

By actively involving co-workers, partners or customers in everyday and strategic challenges, the organization creates a culture of increased personal commitment, sense of belonging and a problem-focused focus.

Real-time insights – regardless of geographical location and time

Participants can easily respond via their mobile or other digital channels when it suits them regardless of their location. Through Vocean’s scalability and extreme speed in data transfer, you can thus create real-time insights.

Technical data

  • Maintenance free and no local installation required
  • Web-based management platform with support for all latest versions of browsers
  • Intuitive user interface: easy to administer and manage
  • Data input for Thinkers via computer and mobile web page and mobile app (iOS and Android)
  • MS Azure provides enormous speed and scalability as well as high performance and storage that automatically launches when needed
  • 99.99% Guaranteed Uptime
  • High security
  • GDPR safe

Getting started

Setting up and using the VOCEAN™cloud service is simple and intuitive. No local installations or plug-ins are required. You can be up-and-running 10 minutes after first logging in!

The platform is completely maintenance free for you as a customer and is an IT department. All maintenance, backups and updates are included in the service license. As all data traffic goes through the user’s browser, no special firewall configurations require ports. At your height, your organization may need to approve data feed to vocean.com.

Vocean offers a simple and secure login through the web-based interface. Of course, all communications are encrypted.

All activities and workflows are traceable, documented and easily accessible as long as desired. The information for each individual activity is GDPR-safe and can be deleted by the administrator at any time. When the data is deleted, the data access in the back uper also ends.

Your data

VOCEAN™ offers dynamic cloud storage of all temporary data and ensures that different organizations’ data is isolated from each other for security reasons.

This technical solution also allows VOCEAN™ to maintain the ability to transfer data to local servers if preferred.

Support platforms

VOCEAN™’s data and workflows can be accessed and managed via all common digital channels across different technical platforms such as:

· via internet browser (all latest browser versions are supported)

· mobile phones & tablets (mobile web as well as iOS and Android apps)

· Digital big screens or smart TV with latest browser technology.

Public data collection

For public gathering of insights and information, you can link to the specific Activity’s input interface by sharing the unique URL on your own website or on social media, as well as allowing public access through kiosks equipped with tabletops or touch screens (requires internet access).

This makes it very easy to conduct customer surveys, citizen surveys, market research, etc.

Artificial Intelligence

Powerful, insightful Artificial Intelligence

VOCEAN™’s self-learning AI engine generates statistically-guaranteed output for impartial insights, presented in reports with summaries and conclusions.

The AI engine not only helps you analyze raw data for statistical significance but also helps the user handle the large amounts of data. Making managing data an easy task.

Easy integration

Easy to integrate via open APIs

VOCEAN™ is built to promote easy integration with other systems. Cloud Service Open APIs make it easy to create relevant data flows.

All raw data can also be downloaded locally as a .csv file or in json format, allowing for the later recreation of sessions through the data collected previously.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure – a strategic choice

VOCEAN™ uses Microsoft Azure as its basic platform technology, a cloud service that is highly scalable and future-proof, with high redundancy in backups. Azure contains a range of state-of-the-art technologies, allowing continuous development of VOCEAN™ itself and offering new functionalities and additional services. With Microsoft’s worldwide network of services, data transfer within its cloud services is always quick and reliable, no matter where you are. A guaranteed operating time of over 99 percent gives Azure very high operational reliability and availability.

Activities 1. Plan

Through our proprietary flexible planning tools, tasks and responsibilities are visualized with high transparency, available for the wider team and the individuals.

When the user sets up which columns should be personally owned or anonymous, this real-time work tool becomes incredible flexible.

Through existing dashboards, employees and managers can share the same transparent view of current and future planning. Mornings or weekends will go like a dance with this transparent and simple tool.

Through drag & drop functionality, the team can easily redistribute and re-prioritize tasks.

Collaboration beyond time and place through digital dashboards

Do participants part of the team work remotely? No problem – Vocean also offers a static dashboard view with one-way readers that synchronize in real time with the interactive dashboard.

With VOCEAN™’s PLAN tool you can do a lot more than just planning tasks, project deliverables and commitments:. You can e.g.:

Handover when finishing work shifts

Transparency when switching shifts or teams is not always the easiest. Through VOCEAN™’s PLAN tool, employees can report essentials to be handed over to the next shift via their mobile phones. You can also easily check what has been performed or still needs to be done during the next shift.

Scheduling resources and staff

PLAN can also be easily used to map out your employees’ schedule. Forget about all those calls on Monday morning asking where the employee should be today or this week. With VOCEAN™’s PLAN tool, your staff can always check their mobile or computer at home, and confirm exactly where they need to be.

2. Vote

Gathering preferences from customers, partners or employees has never been faster or smoother. Through VOCEAN™’s voting tool, as an administrator, you can easily set up selectable options and your audience can respond quickly and easily.

You can enable three different approaches to your voting process per question:


The Thinker can vote as many times as the number of answer options. Max one time for each option.


The Thinker can distribute the number of votes on the response options and vote for the same option several times.


The same approach as the Eurovision Contest! The first choice is given the most points and the administrator selects the number of votes the Thinkers can make.

After the individual has voted and shared their choice, everyone who voted can see the overall status if the administrator has previously selected this functionality.

Dashboard Overview
Throughout the voting process, the administrator can always access the voting results in real time. Even during the voting process or afterwards, the administrator can add more people (focus groups) to expand the voting base.

3. Explore

VOCEAN™’s activity for exploring is a coherent flow of questions and types of answers that can be mixed as required to create valuable insights. Your target audience can be your internal team as well as external partners or customers.

This means that you can send a query directly to each individual in your audience, or get insights from contextually relevant but unidentified individuals by sharing an audience link. Public links allow quick feedback of anyone who accesses this particular URL while your survey is active. Examples of this type of use would be a survey of your customers’ in-store experience through a QR code that guides them to your survey.

Another is to conduct market research by sharing the web link in a post in your social media account or newsletter. Or why not create your employee survey through VOCEAN™ next time you want to check the pulse of your organization’s well-being?

In VOCEAN™’s cloud service, not only will the survey and distribution of it be a smooth process, our powerful Artificial Intelligence will help you efficiently and quickly with data interpretation

and identifying statistical significances. The end product will be an easy-to-read and comprehensive report, where you have the opportunity to comment on the conclusions and give the report reader your explanation and analysis of the statistical findings.

By default, VOCEAN™’s data-rich and exhaustive reports can be created for all VOCEAN™ activities. VOCEAN™ saves you a huge amount of time by compiling large amounts of data within minutes.

On the participant page, the recipients answer the survey through an intuitive user interface on their mobile or laptop. Before answering the questions, the system automatically displays the estimated time needed to answer all questions, as well as the information provided by the administrator about the investigation itself. Easy to set up and use for both the organization as well as the individual!

4. Innovate

Innovation: “the act or process of introducing new ideas, devices, or methods”.

If innovation were easy, organisations would be much more innovative! With VOCEAN™, you can take advantage of research-validated processes to transform your organisation. Creative problem-solving has never been easier, now that you can leverage VOCEAN™’s assistance in using efficient processes and tapping into the huge pool of creative power that lays under the surface of your employees, partners and clients.

This is how easy it is to use our ideation tool

1Invite and Create a group with the recipients (i.e. Thinkers) that you want to get insights from

2Create your problem statement and choose recipients to invite

3Enter up to 3 parameters that you want the Thinkers to validate their idea with (e.g. Efficiency, Cost and Implementation time).

4Validate input and send invites to your selected Thinkers

5Watch your matrix on the dashboard populate with data in real time as the individual Thinkers submits their ideas. The AI component suggests possible similar ideas to be collapsed into one single entry.

6You and the team discuss all submitted ideas and potentially reposition some of those ideas if you give them different priorities.

7Once you have identified the most valuable ideas in the dashboard matrix, you can extract insights and conclusions by creating VOCEAN™’s data secured but customizable report

8Now you either create a Vote session to validade the shortlist of your best ideas and insights, or you can initiate a PLAN activity to implement the identified resolution.

Want to know more about innovation and its impact?

of all people consider that they do not exploit their full creative potential.

Adobe: State of Create study, 2012

of global managers believe innovation is extremely important, but only 6% are satisfied with the company’s innovative performance.
Newton, R. (2015, July 14)
How to Co-Lead a team.

show that those companies who prioritise innovation are also those who experience the highest increase in turnover”
Innobarometer, 2014

Small and medium-sized enterprises are a particular target for innovation policy. The smaller the company is, the more it faces constraints to innovation or to the commercialisation of its innovations.

Some 71%
of companies with between 1 and 9 employees encountered difficultiescommercialising their innovations due to a lack of financial resources, compared to 48% of companies with 500 employees or more.

Some 63%
of companies with between 1 and 9 employees declared having introduced at least one innovation since 2011, compared to 85% of companies with 500 employees or more.

Some 79%
of companies that introduced at least one innovation since 2011 experienced an increase of their turnover by more than 25% by 2014.

5. Report

VOCEAN™’s reporting tool type is a brand new way for the individual to be able to inform any organization about a deviation or event at any time; regardless of whether it is a positive or negative one.

The ability to categorize and prioritize reported events or deviations simplifies the way an organization delegates the follow-up to the appropriate department and owner.

Through the interactive dashboard, the administrator can easily classify and / or prioritize the event and activate different views for the most relevant overview. For example, different departments can easily sort by event category or priority, depending on their area of ​​responsibility. The REPORT functionality can be used to report deviations in process flows of a specific team, or can be used as the company’s proposal box. It is also a great tool to report daily challenges arising for staff in the field.

Another use is partner or customer feedback. Imagine being able to provide feedback on your visit to a store, the insurance fund or the bank, whether you do it on-site or after your visit?

With a few clicks on your mobile, your words reach the right the person, for example, the Quality Manager for customer satisfaction. Why not let the bus company know about their lovely, happy driver who made your day by waiting for you the last 5 meters even though he was about to leave the stop?

The company, authority, municipality or organization can also consult you once again to gain to more information or feedback. Through VOCEAN™’s REPORTING activity, feedback as well as reported information can really enable an organization to identify challenges of different types, streamline and improve different flows, as well as create more satisfied partners, employees and customers.

Additionally, if you link a reported event to a PLAN activity with specific, identified and personal data, the organization can prevent the same event from occurring again.

Would you like to know more? Please feel free to contact us!

Getting started


Getting started with VOCEAN™’s services couldn’t  be easier: Upon order confirmation, the administrator receives their ID and password by email. After logging in via VOCEAN™’s website, it’s easy to add your own logo and customize the color scheme for your own user interface in the platform.

After you invite participants and create focus groups, you are ready to start creating your workflows with the selected activity. The system guides you to the set of selected activities and when done, you will be able to send your invitation with one click. In the same view from where you sent your invitations, you will have access to your dashboard for the specific activity. Through this dashboard, you will be able to follow your invited Thinkers’ input into your activity in real time.

Admin Training

Despite the user interface’s intuitive design, you as a customer get the opportunity to book a 60-minute web training with personal teachers to get started easily. Read more about our courses.

The Thinkers

The Thinker that the administrator wants to include in their activities receives an email, text message or push notification with a request to join the VOCEAN™ platform. They can then accept joining your VOCEAN™ Account as a ” Thinker ” by clicking on a link that takes the person to the log-in and authorization page. Upon approval, the Thinker fills in their name for future request identification (one-time request) and awaits activity invitations for future activities.

When the participant’s host receives an invitation to an activity, it is easy to participate through a systems-guided approach.

Graphical customization

You can determine parts of the appearance within the VOCEAN™ cloud service and on the reports that are generated. For example, you can choose any of the predefined color schemes and fonts available in the web-based user interface.


Invite individuals to participate in your activity manually or via easy data upload

For initiating large recipient groups, the administrator has two choices:

Upload a file with mobile phone numbers and / or e-mail addresses

Manually enter mobile phone numbers and / or e-mail addresses

Your recipients – the “Thinkers”  – receive a message to accept your invite once your request has been submitted. Once accepted, they will first and foremost access the platform to fill in the names and a few parameters about them (not mandatory).

Once that is done, they will be able to accept to participate in any activity they wish to take part in.

GDPR compliance is very important for both us and our clients, so naturally we enable Thinkers to opt-out on their participation as a Thinker or delete their profile at any given time.

Upcoming features and functionalities

Gamification – for increased commitment

In order to increase their commitment and motivation, VOCEAN™ will offer several gamification elements in the cloud service. The Thinkers can gain points according to the degree of their commitment. The points are based not only on how often people participate, or how many ideas, opinions, etc. contributed, but also on the quality and business value of the contributions. The AI ​​engine system prizes valuable contributions to a higher degree. VOCEAN™ recommends that you create a value system where the collected points of thought can be quickly converted into concrete values ​​like money, products, services or similar.


This functionality allows to publicly display a list of sessions that your employees or customers can access via a geo-located link enabled on their mobile device or computer. This functionality enables ad-hoc access for individuals to contribute as Thinkers in your activities if they are within a certain distance from a geographic location.

Automatic Workshop feeds

In the very near future, you will be able to implement predefined complete workshops in the VOCEAN platform. This allows the service to guide you from start to finish in the following areas:

– Ideation / Creativity / Innovation

– Market / Client Insight Survey

– Employee Satisfaction Survey

Expanding AI Services

A sophisticated Early Warning System is under development. This briefly means that VOCEAN™’s survey flows automatically identify changes over relevant insights over time.
The platform will also shortly provide enhanced data management and automation of AI services. Among other things, data profiling and statistical compilations of in-data will be done against personal parameters at an unidentifiable individual level. This feature maximizes insights while maintaining data integrity at the personal level.