The vocean platform and the activities you can use

Combine all tools to an innovation process

By combining all the tools in Vocean, you can create smart processes that constantly take you to the next level. By co-creating digitally with the help of all tools, you get fantastic data with input from many different actors, something that helps you make smarter decisions.

Workboard in the Vocean app


  • Get an overview of all your activities, both as a facilitator and a participant.
  • Build on an activity at any time – you can create a poll to select the best idea submitted in a previous Innovate activity.
  • See how many people who are active on the platform.
  • Assign new activities to participants in real time, and sort and filter through ideas.
  • Create reports from the results and share them with participants.
Workboard in the Vocean app


  • A digital workshop tool used for co-creation.
  • Gather ideas, let everyone give a thumbs and make a top list.
  • An unlimited number of people can participate.
  • Everyone is anonymous, which makes it easier to give honest answers.
  • Benefit from the collective intelligence, create development and growth, while building inclusion and commitment.
Matrix in the Vocean app where people's favorite things are sorted by taste and sight
Voting results in the Vocean app


  • Create polls to collect ideas from customers, partners and employees.
  • Real time results – get a good basis on which you can act.
  • Get more perspectives – let people from both your organization and outside the organization participate.
  • Compiled the result into an intelligent report.


  • Collect opinions from people inside and outside your organization.
  • Set up as many questions as you want in the activity with five different answer options.
  • The result of all answers is shown in real time.
  • Compiled the outcome in an intelligent report, and used is as a base for decisions.
Survey in the Vocean app
Report of a workshop


  • Create reports from an activity or your entire Workboard.
  • Decide what the report should contain.
  • Add a cover page and import all or part of the results.
  • Headings and paragraphs are fully customizable, you can save a report as a pdf or print it.

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