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Do you want to work with a dynamic and dedicated team that loves development in all its forms? Then why not apply for a job with us! We are a digital co-creation platform that has experienced rapid growth since we launched in 2018. Since then we have become a Microsoft partner and seamlessly integrated with Teams in the autumn of 2021.

At Vocean you will get the opportunity to work with an innovative, progressive company that has transformed from a revolutionary idea to a global digital platform thanks to our determination to develop and modernize the way organizations make decisions. We guarantee you’ll share an educational and exciting journey with us!

What’s it like working at Vocean?

Our goal is to ensure everyone’s voice and opinions are heard. Your input matters – whoever you are and whatever you work with. That’s the philosophy that drives our platform, and it’s also one we apply in our own workplace. At Vocean we work together – committed and driven to doing our very best. We know, however, that no one is perfect and no one individual knows everything. That’s why we meet challenges together, and make sure we are always there to support one another if needed. Everyone has a right to their opinion, and everyone has the right to voice concerns if they feel something isn’t quite right.

Working at Vocean means you’ll tap into our relaxed and open-minded culture. We may now be a global player and the best at what we do, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy ourselves! At Vocean we are eternally curious about people. We believe every individual has their own perspectives and experiences, and that these are always valuable – whether you have a background in business or have recently qualified.

We have a mix of junior and senior positions available, and will provide further training if required as we grow together. Our goal is to consign the restrictive and narrow-minded corporate downpipe mentality to the past and instead look to the future. Together with you we will help build the organizations of the future!

Do you qualify?

We are looking for people who are committed, driven, unpretentious and who can think on their own two feet. In addition there are a number of specific competencies we’re looking for, so if you are passionate about any of the disciplines below please get in touch – we’d love to hear from you!

  • Photo editing
  • Film editing
  • Social media marketing
  • Communication
  • Copywriting
  • WordPress
  • SEO
  • Marketing strategy

Together we’ll go far!

Vocean is built on a vision that we can change the way organizations around the globe make decisions. We want to empower individuals in, around and outside organizations to be included in decision-making and meet challenges together. Our goal is to have at least 1 million platform users by 2025, and to have helped cultivate hundreds of millions of ground-breaking ideas and create 100,000s of intelligent reports that will make a positive difference to companies around the world.

We hope you’ll get in touch!

Regards from the entire team at Vocean

Questions? Contact:

Daniel Kassell, CEO of Vocean

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