Productivity vs. Innovation: What Creates a Successful Business?

A hand holding a lightbulb

All organizations need to ”get things done”. But only focusing on efficiencies and productivity might actually set you back!

Suddenly you might realize that old ways of doing things no longer work. Competition is surpassing you. To continuously work on encouraging creativity and innovation is a must in today’s fast-paced and competitive market. The big question is how to stimulate and create that innovative corporate culture?

Encouraging staff to share thoughts and ideas is a great start. Even more important is to create psychological safety. Finding a practical way of stimulating employees to actively think and communicate their ideas and thoughts, is also a must. Enabling a 24/7 accessible channel for your staff to communicate through when that amazing insight or great thought strikes (or when identifying possible enhancements), is extremely valuable! And if you have an easy to use tool to collect and analyze them all, you are almost there. Enabling you to gather and process all those valuable insights with minimal effort made, is also as important for you as a leader. Your time is valuable!

The above is a real scenario where Vocean adds true value to businesses. Our cloud service helps you to collect and structure your employees’ smart ideas, thoughts and preferences. No matter where they are located or when during the day that the lamp of creativity is lit by a smart realization, they can easily share it through their mobile device. Welcome to contact us for a trial next time you have a problem to resolve and wish to involve your staff’s collective intelligence.

Don’t forget: involved employees are more motivated ones. And that – together with innovation power – is what truly creates a productive and successful business.

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