Six out of ten eat cinnamon buns on Cinnamon Bun Day – just over 9 million buns are sold

Cinnamon rolls

Nearly six out of ten Swedes eat cinnamon buns on Cinnamon Bun Day, while one in ten abstain completely. It shows a survey done in the digital idea platform Vocean. – It is clear that the cinnamon bun is appreciated by millions – even by me, says Peter Kollin, CEO of Vocean.

Cinnamon Bun Day has been celebrated on October 4 in Sweden since 1999, when the day was launched to draw attention to the Swedish bun tradition and to increase interest in home baking. A total of just over nine million cinnamon buns are consumed during the day, which creates tax revenue that can finance, for example, 33,000 assistant nurses in the home care service.

– I believe that this type of day increases togetherness and community in workplaces around Sweden. The coffee hour is over and the employees get to enjoy a little extra good coffee, says Peter Kollin and adds:

– There are also studies that show that you get more creative by having something good to eat in a meeting – digitally or physically. Then a cinnamon bun fits perfectly!

Vocean develops and sells a platform that can be used to, for example, collect thoughts, ideas or views from people in, around and outside organizations around the world. All collected data can be easily put together into reports and insights using Artificial Intelligence and the reports can then be used as a basis for decisions.

It was with the help of the Vocean platform that Peter Kollin created the survey, to find out how many people actually eat cinnamon buns on Cinnamon Bun Day.

– It is easy to set up a poll or survey and then spread via social channels or targeted invitations, which can be useful both in private life and in the workplace, says Peter Kollin.

In the survey, 57 percent answered that they obviously eat cinnamon buns on Cinnamon Bun Day, 30 percent answered that they eat cinnamon buns sometimes on Cinnamon Bun Day and 13 percent expressed that they never eat cinnamon buns then – because they do not like cinnamon buns.

Peter Kollin is not surprised by the result.

– I felt a little. Cinnamon buns are popular with most people and we at Vocean also usually bun up with cinnamon buns on October 4th. But I am most surprised that X percent claim that they do not even like buns, says Peter Kollin and laughs.

He suggests that it is easy to create a free account on Vocean to do fun research in the group of friends or at work.

– It is of course possible to do much more advanced things than that in the platform, but simple surveys can be fun to start with, says Peter Kollin.

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