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We are closed accordingly to Swedish national holiday schedule.

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How can I get a demo account?

If you want to take a closer look at Vocean’s collaborative platform, you are welcome to contact us by either filling out the contact form on our web site or you can email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Make sure you include your full name, company name and contact details.

Where can I find pricing information and how do I purchase a VOCEAN™ account?

User licenses for VOCEAN™ are sold only through selected partners. Vocean currently does not conduct any direct sales to end-users. You are very welcome to contact us should you be interested in receiving a price overview and we will connect you with one of our sales partners. You are welcome to fill in the contact form on our website or email us at

Which platforms do you support?

VOCEAN™ access is possible through all latest browser versions on computers and mobile devices (smartphones and tablets). As long as you have the latest browser version installed, it does not matter which computer or mobile device you use. We will also shortly be offering a mobile Thinker app available for android and iOS.

Which computers and browsers are supported by Vocean?

VOCEAN™ access is possible through all latest browser versions on laptops and mobile devices. As long as you have the latest browser version installed, it does not matter which computer or mobile you use. We will also shortly be offering a mobile Thinker app available for android and iOS.
We do not recommend using Internet Explorer since Microsoft is no longer providing security updates or technical support for older versions of Internet Explorer. Therefore, Vocean has chosen to not support internet Explorer and recommend that you use another browser.

Where do I download your mobile app and how do I get started?

The mobile Thinker app will be launched shortly and will be available in Google Play and Apple’s iTunes app store.

As an app user, you simply create a user account in the app with your name and email address. You are then ready to receive invitations and participate in Activities!

How many Thinkers can I have in my account or include in an activity?

You can have an unlimited amount of Thinkers in your VOCEAN™ account. We have also enabled you to upload a text document when you have a larger quantity of Thinkers to invite.
You can also include unlimited amount of Thinker groups in any Activity. Should you as a Creator forget to include a Thinker group initially, you may easily add new groups via the Activity dashboard at any time.

How can I easily get feedback from my customers?

It couldn’t be easier to interact and get your co-workers’, clients’ or collaboration partners’ input! In a few quick steps you can send out and receive information in real-time:

Invite participants you wish input from (sms or e-mail) and they can create a Thinker account (only required the 1st time they access)


The person receives an invite to an activity via sms, mail or mobile app-notification


The person clicks on the invite and is taken into VOCEAN™’s web interface for Thinkers


The person replies and submits their input


As the administrator (aka Creator) receives the input, the incoming data populates the Dashboard overview for the Activity


How do I use VOCEAN™ in a retail environment?

For public gathering of insights and information, you can enable ad hoc access for clients by sharing the unique web link visualized as a QR-code in your store. By scanning the QR code with a mobile device, the customer is taken straight into VOCEAN™’s web based interface enabling you to receive those valuable on-site insights.

Many of my employees are not in the office everyday or in front of a computer, how do I involve them?

VOCEAN™ access is possible through all latest supported browser versions on mobile devices (phone and tablets) as well as through iOS and mobile app. The easy access ability turns VOCEAN™ into your ideal channel for feedback and input from many people – no matter where they are.

As an administrator / Creator, it is just as easy to create and send out requests for input and feedback from your mobile, as it is on a computer. The same goes for the recipients that you wish to receive information or input from.

I want to know more about your technical options!

The entire VOCEAN™ platform is an online service built for extreme scaleability, high safety and enabling data transfer in real-time. The technical platform and its code is fully owned by Vocean, and we try to live as we preach; collaborating with external specialist partners to be inspired and enable delivering the latest technology to our clients.

Our self-learning AI engine keeps getting smarter over time and as we keep developing it, it will increasingly help you getting unique insights as our platform envolves.

From a technical perspective, Vocean considers all user data as temporary data, created and fully owned by our clients. Only the administrators – aka Creators – are able to delete user data.

The contributing element – the Thinkers – may at any time delete their Thinker accounts. Previously reported data will in these cases become anonymous for the company administrators / Creators.

Vocean automatically enables a back-up function for a short period of time.

Should your organisation prefer an on-site implementation instead of using our cloud service, we at Vocean are able to accomodate that as well. Contact us for more information.

Since VOCEAN™ is a cloud service, we take care of all technical aspects for you and your IT-department! It is maintanance free, with an up-time of 99,99%, including an amazing scaleability and speed due to the Microsoft Azure platform. Please feel welcome to contact us should you wish to know more about our technical choices.