Innovation at the speed of thought

Customer use cases

  • Pre- and post-workshop
  • Agile innovation or company workshop
  • Innovation level
  • Interaction
  • Report tool with logo and theme
  • Plattform theming
  • Development loop
  • Operational Excellence
  • Leader, Moderator and Facilitator, the difference
  • Education in facilitating workshops or bootcamps
  • Ideate
    Collect a lot of ideas in an easy way. Use any device, anywhere.
  • Innovate
    Take your ideas and implement them and then evaluate them to constantly improve your offer
  • Interact
    All participants can act individually in real time and the results are constantly reflected on the workboard or Vocean Engine
  • Facilitate
    The facilitator can lead the meeting and help the individuals to work together to take a clear view of everyone's ideas and think about which ideas are more unique than others. The facilitator can also carry out a voting directly in connection with the process. All to bring out the power of each unique thinker, implement sorting of ideas collectively and digitally, faster than ever.
  • Reports
    Collect and summarize the outcome of the process in a few seconds through a directly generated report that you can select data and edit the content. A professional report that you can put your logo on and hand over to the customer immediately after the meeting.