Vocean’s ideation engine is the fastest, most scalable, data-driven way to test, improve and execute your most amazing ideas.

The Vocean uses

Vocean is the all-in-one innovation platform that helps you go from ideas to innovations, every step of the way. We’ve made the journey effortless so that you can focus on making more innovation happen. Sometimes the best you can do for your customers and employees  is to open-up and innovate together. Vocean empowers you to identify and design the solutions your customers and employees need the most. 

& Open Innovation

Involve and engage external crowds like non-customers, customers or any other kind of individuals to gather feedback and ideas. Use the collective intelligence and aggregate the data to face challenges or develop further on your solutions and concepts.


Work together with suppliers, main partners, focus groups and and use the aggregated thinking in the group to empower your collaboration and insights to new and higher levels.

Innovation management

Facilitate, set up good processes that systematically manage your innovation progress where there is space and actions ready to embrace new insights, ideas and whatever the future holds for you organization. Facilitate the team in a horizontal manner to maximize every individuals capacity.

Employee engagement

Increase engagement among your employees by involving them in an innovation platform. Involve specific groups of certain experience, interest or skill toward certain challenges. Use the collective intelligence around you to find a better solution faster and also improve their engagement in the company. With the direct feedback, the participants will get more engaged and provide even better feedback next time.


Brainstorm is when everyone voices their thoughts, Brainwriting is when everyone spontaneously writes them down.

You have gathered a lot of ideas. Now what? How do you get ideas into action. Following up and get a basis for actions and decisions is the tedious works that often takes time and puts the breaks on agile workflows and innovative environments. With the right digital plattform, involved co-workers around you, this can be done for you in the matter of minutes.