Swedish digital idea platform now fully integrated with Microsoft Teams – will unleash millions of ideas for organizations

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The Swedish digital idea platform Vocean has been fully integrated with Microsoft Teams. Now all 150 million Team users worldwide can use the creative tool in their Team meetings with a simple push of a button.

“This really justifies and energizes our international investment. Thanks to Vocean it is incredibly easy to introduce substantive content into any meeting. We are convinced this will prove positive for many individuals, companies and organizations”, says Vocean’s CEO, Peter Kollin.

Vocean develops and sells a digital platform that can be used, for example, to collect thoughts, ideas and opinions from people both in, around and outside organizations around the world. Thanks to the Integration with Microsoft Teams, the platform will now be available worldwide.

“Vocean is a service that fills, for example, a Teams meeting with much more energy and content than if you can only just see each other in a digital meeting. On our powerful idea platform you can interact digitally before, during and after your meeting. It is also possible to generate an intelligent report for every activity conducted in Vocean – which is something you cannot get, for example, from a chat in Teams. Vocean can turn meetings into workshops that create powerful added value for the customer”, says Peter Kollin.

Vocean, which is based in Söderhamn in Sweden and has offices in Hudiksvall, was founded in 2018 by Peter Kollin and Daniel Kassell. The platform has been available on Microsoft Appsource, an online store that sells business tools to Microsoft customers, since the summer of 2021.

“For the companies of today and tomorrow it is business critical to be able to see things from different perspectives and continuously generate and unleash new, powerful ideas. Our type of collaborative tool is uncommon on Teams, so I believe many will benefit from our service. We also feel that our philosophy goes hand-in-hand with that of Microsoft’s. We both want to help others create external and closer collaborations”, says Daniel Kassell.

”Our mission is ´to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more´. We can only put our mission into reality with partners like Vocean. Driving digital brainstorms on the Vocean idea platform in combination with Microsoft Teams enable people and companies to have energetic brainstorms to achieve more. We are proud to have Vocean as a strong partner for Teams”, says Dennis Couperus, WE ISV partner lead – Microsoft Security & Teams.

Via Vocean’s platform, every participant gets the opportunity to be heard, and each activity can have an unlimited number of participants. You can make any activity completely anonymous, which makes it easier for people to work more openly. Vocean also enables asynchronous meetings, where participants can work together regardless of the time of day or geographical location.

“Vocean allows you to listen to the perspectives from everyone involved – not just from the management team. It makes it possible to identify gaps between different groups and then figure out how to bridge them. As a result you get a more forward-looking and reactive organization that is transparent and listens to its employees. In other words an attractive employer of the future”, says Daniel Kassell.

Vocean has worked hard to integrate into Teams, managing to get through Microsoft’s notoriously demanding quality requirements in record time.

“Our integration with Teams is incredibly important, and will help us achieve our goal of becoming a global player. Our ambition is to have at least 1 million users by 2025, to have produced hundreds of millions of innovative ideas and 100,000s of intelligent reports that will make a positive difference to organisations”, says Peter Kollin.

For further information, please contact:

Peter Kollin, co-founder and CEO, Vocean
072-207 53 43

Daniel Kassel, co-funder and CTO, Vocean
073-334 54 37

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