Swedish Vocean appoints new CEO – scaling up in Europe

Peter Kollin and Daniel Kassell, Vocean

Swedish digital ideas platform Vocean has appointed Daniel Kassell as its new CEO ­– and he already has his sights set on the Northern European market and signing up one million users.

“We will continue on the path we are already on, with the goal of creating value and helping companies develop by collaborating digitally using our tool. We see enormous growth potential in the years to come”, he says.

Vocean is a digital platform that makes it easy for organizations to collect thoughts and ideas, process and enrich them collaboratively, rank them, hold polls and create intelligent reports using AI, which can then be used to form the basis for business-critical decisions.

“It is important that companies today work inclusively and value all of their employees’ ideas. In doing so they help create the workplaces of the future. Using Vocean you can also collect thoughts and ideas from customers, suppliers and other partners. In other words you can co-create digitally with parties outside your own organization. The information you get for making smarter decisions is incomparably superior to what you receive using today’s rigid analog tools”, says Daniel Kassell.

Daniel founded Vocean together with Peter Kollin in 2018. He now continues his journey with the company as CEO, taking over from Peter Kollin, who becomes Chairman of the Board and will concentrate on general strategic matters with investors and partners.

“It feels great to hand over to Daniel. We have had an incredibly good start, and in a short space of time have signed a partnership agreement with Microsoft and are now fully integrated with Teams. Vocean is also compatible with all common meeting platforms, which makes it a very attractive tool”, says Peter Kollin.

“Now we are entering the Northern European market and then we will invest globally. Our goal is to have one million users by 2025”, says Daniel Kassell.

Using Vocean allows you to invite an infinite number of participants to activities such as workshops, where you can then collect and evaluate ideas. In addition, all participants can remain anonymous and contribute regardless of what time of day it is or where in the world they are.

“Because everyone can participate anonymously it is the ideas themselves that are the main focus – and not the people that came up with them. This often leads to more open, democratic and honest discussions. We usually say that by working in Vocean you invite employees to the boardroom, and in doing so create a climate of participation and inclusivity. This is how fast-paced and modern organizations work”, says Daniel Kassell, and concludes:

“We are delighted to be able to contribute value to our customers. Our ambition is for everyone’s voice to be heard – and we are now well on our way!”

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