The Vocean-plattform gets even smarter


A new update has been released of the Vocean platform with amazing new enhancements.


Improved user experience

We are grateful for all user feedback and we have been addressing a lot of minor changes, bugs and improvents for this release.

Just a small list of all changes:

  • User details panel in members section is revised for a better user experience

  • Looked over activity creation to minimize the number of clicks until activity is created.

  • Looked over help texts and naming throughout the platform

Vocean Engine Improvements

Our engines own AI has gotten smarter! By increasing the understanding of your text inputs the AI can now even more precise detect keywords and phrases in your activities.


The updates improvements is opening up for a lot for features that we really look forward to bring you. Stay tuned for more features coming your way!

A completely new report experience

The reporting tool has now been completely revised and offer you an even more productive and smarter tool.

The new report feature offers you not only gives you fully editable content but also you can gather several activities of your choice into the same report.


Build your reports from scratch with easy-to-use user experience or have it generated by the Vocean Engine directly from an activity in the matter of seconds.

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