New research: Traditional brainstorming does not work digitally

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Traditional brainstorming does not work digitally. It shows extensive research. Instead, use virtual brainstorming to create innovation. Proven better experience for the group members, more ideas are generated and the balance between the participants is better.

Most of us have attended traditional brainstorming meetings. You enter a room with colleagues, throw a lot of ideas at the wall and come out with what sticks. With the pandemic’s homework, many executives tried to replicate this type of physical meeting at a distance – without much success.

It turned out that traditional brainstorming was not effective for digital innovation work. Instead, all the positive energy and benefits of meeting in person were lost – and we kept all the disadvantages.

New research shows, however, that virtual brainstorming provides a better experience for group members as a whole, generates more new ideas, and balances the preferences of participants – introverts and extroverts, optimists and pessimists, and members with lower and higher status.

This can be done with remote, hybrid, or physical teams, but requires that not everyone is in the same room.

How to do this

1.Start by choosing a shared collaboration tool, where Vocesan is a perfect example.

2.Ask participants to submit their ideas (even if they are contradictory).

3.Evaluate the ideas through anonymous polls or voting sessions.

4.Discuss the ideas digitally and compile them in a report.

Read the full article about the new research here.

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