Vocean Customer Manager: “could be one of the best workplaces I’ve ever had”!

Mats Strandow, Vocean

Working as a Customer Manager at Vocean means you get to stay in touch and build relationships with new and existing customers both digitally and in person.

“It’s a fantastic way of working. Communicating digitally makes everything so much more efficient, and technology enables you to easily connect with people who are interested in what we are doing. It’s a great job”, says Mats Strandow, Customer Manager at Vocean.

Vocean is a digital ideas platform where users can conduct different activities to generate new ideas and collectively evaluate them. By collaborating digitally – digital co-creation as it’s popularly known – a company can gather lots of different perspectives on an idea or issue, which helps provide a better basis for smarter decision-making.

Mats Strandow has worked at Vocean since the autumn of 2021, but had previously worked in the sphere around Vocean.

“I feel really at home here. We collaborate together to solve any issues and have great fun at work. We are a friendly and close-knit gang”, says Mats.

He often works in the Vocean offices located in Söderhamn, but occasionally works from home – or even in another city if he is out visiting customers.

“My job is very flexible – I can work from where I want and when I want, as long as I do my job and take care of my responsibilities. That’s the whole point of Vocean. We make sure everyone gets heard. It doesn’t matter if you are sitting on the other side of the globe in a completely different time zone. Anyone can always contribute”, says Mats.

On a normal day Mats grabs a cup of coffee when he gets to the office and then sits down to tackle the day’s tasks. A large part of his job involves using the company’s CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, which contains information about existing and potential customers. He also gets in touch with companies that have shown an interest in Vocean, as well as holds meetings with potential customers.

“I also check if customers who already have an account with us need help or training. LinkedIn is an important channel for us, and a place we make contact with lots of potential new customers”, says Mats.

Currently Mats mainly deals with Swedish customers, but sometimes he switches to English for international callers.

“We are a startup with a ‘Software as a service’ platform which is driven by digital collaboration. Thoughts and ideas are collected that can then be processed to serve as a basis for smarter decision-making. It is so satisfying to see when we help a customer develop and grow”, says Mats, and continues:

“I believe we are at a very interesting stage. We’re opening more and more accounts and getting a lot of attention from large companies such as Microsoft. The next step for us is to venture out into Europe – and then the rest of the world awaits! It all feels really exciting – things are starting to pick up speed now”, he says.

Mats believes the best thing about his job is that no two days are ever quite the same, and he likes working for a company that is breaking new ground.

“What we are doing is something completely new. We are constantly improving our service and can see interest in our service steadily rising. I love it, particularly because everyone here is pulling in the same direction. This could be the best workplace I’ve ever had”.

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