Vocean introduced itself to 900 people at Microsoft

Five people sitting around a table working on their laptops

On November 18, Vocean was shown in Microsoft’s new internal concept: ISV Spotlight. During lunch, all Customer Success Managers at Microsoft in Western Europe were invited to listen to presentations by their most promising ISV partners.

With over 900 invited Customer Success Managers to the first ISV Spotlight meeting, Vocean was also one of Microsoft’s first choices to present.

“Here we had the opportunity to tell Microsoft about our strong belief in digital Co-creation and that their customers need to move their mindset in this area to not copy the methods we use in our real world, but instead take advantage of the opportunities that the digital context offers us,” says Peter Kollin, CEO of Vocean.

Furthermore, Vocean talked about our great goals of making all voices heard around the world within the next three years and how the cooperation between Microsoft Teams and Vocean is a great enabler.

“If Microsoft can help its customers understand that they can not only communicate and collaborate but also enrich this with co-creation through Vocean directly in Teams, we will take the world by storm together,” says Peter Kollin.

Vocean also talked about the possibilities that exist in Teams – that you can include everyone and that everyone can express themselves in their mother tongue. Vocean’s platform translates everything into English in real time, but also shows the possibility of getting entire organizations to collaborate on the major issues by benefiting from expertise, knowledge and experience in, around and outside the organization.

A final demonstration of how well the platform works in Teams and a glimpse into the near future, Vocean also shared a screenshot of its upcoming Workboard.

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