Vocean launches new release

Phone scanning a Vocean QR-code on a computer screen

More features and greater control are at the heart of Vocean’s latest update of its digital co-creation platform. Now the results of Innovate activities can be separated into three different ‘cards’ on the workboard: list, matrix and word cloud.

“They are more powerful variants of their predecessors”, says Daniel Ekbom, Development Manager at Vocean.

He says the new upgrade now provides even better value for customers. Among the new features are:

  • An improved overview of activities
  • More options to interact and interpret data
  • It’s now even easier to work with ideas and identify insights
  • Consider ideas from several different perspectives
  • View multiple perspectives at once by placing them on the workboard
  • Easily compare ideas and their characteristics in multiple ways
  • The platform’s ‘look’ has been given a refresh
  • Decide which views you want and view them simultaneously on the workboard.

“This new release will empower leaders to make their organizations more innovative, and the voices of everyone on the platform will be even easier to be heard”, says Daniel Ekbom.

Also new is the ability to place cards multiple times on your workboard – each card featuring a different layout.

“Previously the ‘x’ and ‘y’ axis were locked after you created them, but now you can change them any way you want to in order to better interpret your data”, says Daniel Ekbom.

You can also decide what information should be displayed, for example the properties of submitted ideas, how lists should look and who should be able to see information – either you as a leader, other leaders, all participants or those invited to the platform via spectator links.

“We continually strive to create positive improvements to our platform, and I think this latest upgrade is a big step forward in maximizing the power of innovation that exists in every organization”, says Daniel Ekbom.

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