Vocean’s ideation engine is the fastest, most scalable, data-driven way to test, improve and execute your most amazing ideas.

The Vocean Engine

Digitize your
ideation process



Real-time voting - three customizable formats

Gathering feedback from customers, partners and employees has never been faster. A Vocean voting activity can be completed in 60 seconds. Simply state your idea or question, invite members from your network or publish an activity link or QR-code and just wait for the results to start rolling in!

As a facilitator you can use this activity as much as you want both in and outside your network, free of charge!



A greenfield Activity for open ideation

Innovate activity’s output: a 2×2 matrix that allows you to easily prioritize and categorize ideas based on your what you care about most. Imagine asking a thousand employees to send ideas on a specific area of innovation. By your facilitation, the participants can like others ideas and update their ideas after a discussion.

As a facilitator, you can re-value, collect, select, vote on the ideas together with the participants in real-time.


Five survey formats in one tool. Not like other survey tools

We offer five different methods for collecting data: open text fields, numeric values, sliders, binary yes/no and multiple choice. In fact, one Survey activity can contain all five types at once and compile all the data in a single insightful visualisation. Give it a try and watch the feedback populate real-time from the Activity manager.