Vocean’s ideation engine is the fastest, most scalable, data-driven way to test, improve and execute your most amazing ideas.

The Vocean uses

Vocean is the all-in-one innovation platform that helps you go from ideas to innovations, every step of the way. We’ve made the journey effortless so that you can focus on making more innovation happen. Sometimes the best you can do for your customers and employees  is to open-up and innovate together. Vocean empowers you to identify and design the solutions your customers and employees need the most. 

Open innovation & crowdsourcing

Engaging an external crowd, e.g. customers, consumers, members or a specific demographic to capture ideas for new products and services, to gain insights into a market, feedback on a product concept or solutions to known problems.

Employee engagement

Foster a culture of innovation by implementing an employee facing idea platform. Target challenges at everyone or a specific group, based on their expertise, interests or experience. Capture ideas for new products and or services or facilitate continuous improvement.


Collaborate with suppliers, partners and key customers to refine products, devise new service models and deliver efficiencies, benefiting from collective expertise.