Why digitalizing is becoming unavoidable for businesses to stay relevant and competitive

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The days of the traditional physical workplace as a dominant set up are soon history. We are transitioning towards a new, interconnected and fast moving world, requiring lateral and cluster collaborations as well as new methods of leadership. Digitalization as well as Artificial Intelligence will be imperative to increase efficiency and enable successful collaborations.

With a great digital infrastructure, employees can work from anywhere. Teams can be put together completely based on which of the employees or external partners are best suited for the task at hand. Competence requirement will rule over internal resource availability. Recruiting can be completely based on skill and talent without geographic location being a factor.

The advantages of a digital workspace rather than a physical one also goes hand in hand philosophically with the generations growing up today and their expectations. For those growing up with mobiles and social media – the digital natives – is freedom not comfort, it’s not a regular paycheck and a nine-to-five. Freedom for them is to control their own time, to not be bound to a place. The gig economy, an economy with a workforce in large parts consisting of freelancers, is not a distant future. It’s a growing reality.

Younger generations have high expectations on their employers. They want to be able to influence decision making and work with something that they feel passionate about.

This is a changing reality the corporate world will have to adjust to, regardless if they are private or government organizations. Change takes time. To build and develop for this evolution you need to start immediately, otherwise it will be too late. Companies and businesses that adapt to this new way of organizing and structuring organizations will have a much easier time attracting sharp and motivated employees and/or collaborators. In the future, traditional companies where few hold the power and take initiatives – and the rest take orders – will have a hard time competing.

A digital workplace allows new possibilities, makes processes run smoother and raises the level of efficiency. If you have not reviewed and mapped your digital collaboration, communication and data sharing platforms already, that is a good point to start in order to kick-start the transitioning of your organization into the future’s digital workplace. As always; when you know the current status, you are able to identify what you need to do in order to move forwards.

“A resounding 83% of employees realise the importance of digital technology to the future success of their company. And 79% say all organisations must become technology companies if they are to survive. This is a sentiment echoed by 82% of IT managers.”

As the physical and traditional workplace becomes obsolete, Vocean will be part of carrying organisations into the future.

Vocean is a powerful and intelligent cloud service for organizations who, through digitalization, want to create insights, improve collaboration and move towards a more agile and prescient corporate governance. It brings your employees closer to each other and decision making processes. By making knowledge sharing easier and increasing transparency, game-changing insights are created alongside a better work environment with more engaged co-workers.

When it comes to facilitating the transition from a traditional to a digital workplace, there is no service on the market as powerful and intelligent as Vocean.

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