Vocean’s platform makes it possible to co-create digitally and benefit from other people’s intelligence for you to make the right decisions.

Unleash the Power

of Digital Co-Creation


Marketing and Sales

Human resources

Co-create with Vocean

Vocean is a smart platform that helps your organization co-create digitally. Together, the participants can innovate, like, vote and come up with ideas and get direct feedback and feel involved. With the help of Vocean, you can get input to your business from employees, customers and actors in and around your ecosystem, which helps you make the right decision. Vocean helps you navigate wiser. Vocean is compatible with all platforms, such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom.


Breakthrough ideas

The focus is always on the idea and not on the person presenting it. This minimizes the risk of good ideas being overlooked.


More brainpower

Vocean is seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Teams, making it easy to work more effectively together. More perspectives can be captured and there are no restrictions on the number of participants.


Engagement and results

You get increased commitment from employees, partners and customers. It becomes faster to make well-founded decisions, with management teams and leaders getting a real-time overview of any situation and full control of all data.

Vocean has signed Partner Pledge with Microsoft

Around 45 companies in Western Europe have been named Partner Pledge by Microsoft. Vocean is one of them, which shows that we meet Microsoft’s requirements in terms of digital skills, diversity, ethical AI and sustainability.

Microsoft Teams

Seamless integrated with Microsoft Teams

Vocean is seamlessly integrated with Teams, wich means that you can take your Teams meetings to the next level. Co-create digitally with activities that can be started directly in your Teams chat or calendar bookings. Alternatively send an invitation to an activity via any of your regular channels. Vocean increases the creativity and efficiency of your Teams meeting, enabling you to collect information from participants both before and after meetings. It’s a smarter, more time-efficient way to work and, as always with Vocean, you’ll get instant real-time feedback too.

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