How to capitalize on digitalization

Vocean on a computer and on a phone

Digital meetings have become second nature for most people in recent years. Now it’s time for companies to take their digitalization to the next level.

“It’s important for businesses to understand how to capitalize on digitalization. It’s not enough these days just to see each other on a screen in a meeting – we need to find other smart ways to work together digitally”, says Daniel Kassell, CEO of Vocean, that recently became a Microsoft partner.

Vocean is a digital co-creation platform that enables companies to capture ideas from both inside and outside their own organization. The platform makes it possible to collect information, create polls and work together via a smart workboard that provides a convenient overview of all the activities taking place in the company. The platform, which is powered by AI, also features a helpful reporting tool that provides support throughout the co-creation process.

“Compared to an analogue working environment the possibilities are endless. There is no limit to how many people can work together. Every decision-maker knows that capturing as many perspectives as possible provides a better basis for making smarter decisions. At Vocean we are motivated to see how digital co-creation can drive development and growth for our customers”, says Daniel Kassell.

He believes that today’s companies face a major challenge. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic many employees want to continue working from home. At the same time advances in digital working tools means it is now possible to employ people who aren’t physically located in the same city, town or region – or even the same country.

“Businesses need to understand the value of these new opportunities and capitalize on them. Vocean enables people to work together regardless of time and space. It really doesn’t matter if you are in a different time zone or on the other side of the planet”, says Daniel Kassell, and continues:

“In addition to the company benefiting from capturing different perspectives, our platform gives employees greater influence and a greater sense of autonomy. Vocean invites employees to the boardroom – enabling you to create the workplace of the future”.

Four benefits of digital co-creation

  • Vocean is seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Teams, making it easy to work more effectively together. More perspectives can be captured and there are no restrictions on the number of participants.
  • The focus is always on the idea and not on the person presenting it. This minimizes the risk of good ideas being overlooked.
  • Increased commitment from employees, partners and customers.
  • It becomes faster to make well-founded decisions, with management teams and leaders getting a real-time overview of any situation and full control of all data.

“Vocean also supports hybrid meetings. Participants who are physically present can easily connect to any activity in the platform via their phones. So even from the conference room you can meet in the digital world to make smarter decisions”, says Daniel Kassell, and adds:

“It is exciting to see what evolves when you invite more perspectives. It creates more innovation, more commitment and stronger collaborations, which can lead to more competitive businesses. This is exactly how companies today must think in order to capitalize on the digital revolution”.

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