Vocean’s ideation engine is the fastest, most scalable, data-driven way to test, improve and execute your most amazing ideas.

The Vocean Engine


Digitize your
ideation process


Remote work

Work together anytime,
anywhere with everyone.

Quick and easy

Quick to get into the system and participate through a link or QR code.

Activity link and QR-code

Empower your ecosystem and give your participants direct access to your platform or activities by links and QR-codes. The QR-code is manageable with different activities.

Direct effect of
using Vocean

Get groundbreaking ideas and insights, simple and quick.

Safe and reliable

Vocean is a GDPR-compliant cloud service. You’ve got the control of your own data and can delete it whenever you want.

Intelligent report

Choose how the reports looks like and add activities or parts of activities like diagrams quick and easy. You can also choose the format of your report.


Total Vocean Effect

  • Thinking organisations.
  • Empowered collaborators.
  • Trustful insights from individuals.
  • Momentum of inspiration and action.
  • From silo mentality to horizontal understanding.
  • The ideas and feedback in focus not whom.
  • Ocean of Voices.

Thinking organisations
Empowered collaborators
Trustful insights from individuals
Momentum of inspiration and action
From silo mentality to horizontal understanding
The ideas and feedback in focus not whom
Ocean of Voices


Real-time voting - three customizable formats

Gathering feedback from customers, partners and employees has never been faster. A Vocean voting activity can be completed in 60 seconds. Simply state your idea or question, invite members from your network or publish an activity link or QR-code and just wait for the results to start rolling in!

As a facilitator you can use this activity as much as you want both inside and outside your network, free of charge!




A greenfield Activity for open ideation

Innovate activity’s output: a 2×2 matrix that allows you to easily prioritize and categorize ideas based on your what you care about the most. Imagine asking a thousand employees to send ideas on a specific area of innovation. By your facilitation, the participants can like others ideas and update their ideas after a discussion.

As a facilitator, you can re-value, collect, select, vote on the ideas together with the participants in real-time.


Five survey formats in one tool. Not like other survey tools

We offer five different methods for collecting data: open text fields, numeric values, sliders, binary yes/no and multiple choice. In fact, one Survey activity can contain all five types at once and compile all the data in a single insightful visualisation. Give it a try and watch the feedback populate real-time from the Activity manager.