This is how you co-create

With Vocean, you can co-create with others and make smarter decisions – use the collective intelligence to transform your company. In the platform you can reach out to others to develop a new product, see how your staff is doing, explore a new market and much more. Everything can be done with actors both inside and outside your organization. Vocean is also seamlessly integrated with Teams, which takes your digital meeting to a whole new level. With Vocean you can create a modern organization that empower your collaborators and employees, you get trustful insights from individuals, and most importantly – you move from silo mentality to horizontal understanding.

Remote work

Work together anytime,
anywhere and with everyone.

Quick and easy

Invite to the activity in the platform with
a link or to a hybrid meeting through a QR code with the mobile.

Co-create together

Work together with several meeting leaders and in several different platforms. Vocean is also seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Teams.

Different perspective

By co-creating digitally, you bring in several different thoughts and perspectives on your issue. In the platform you can easily get an overview over all perspectives.

Contribute anonymously

You can invite an unlimited number of participants to an activity. If you want, the participants can be anonymous.

Safe and reliable

Vocean is a GDPR-compliant cloud service. You and your customers are completely safe.

Five smart tools in Vocean


With Vocean’s Vote tool, you can create polls to, for example, collect feedback from customers, partners and employees. Do digital employee surveys, follow up a customer meeting or test a product on a customer group – the possibilities are endless. All results can be seen in real time and you get a good basis on which you can act. By letting participants from both your organization and outside the organization participate in the voting, you get more perspectives on your issue. The result can then be compiled into an intelligent report.

Vocean on multiple computer screens
Vocean teams integration


The Innovate activity is a digital workshop tool used to co-create digitally. Gather ideas from individuals in your network, such as customers, employees, partners and suppliers, let everyone give a thumbs up to the ideas they like best and then make a top list. By co-creating digitally with actors inside and outside your organization, you get many perspectives on your issue. No perspective is forgotten! In addition, an unlimited number can participate and everyone can be anonymous, which makes it easier for everyone to give honest answers and to dare to present their thoughts. Here you benefit from the collective intelligence, which can create development and growth for your company, while creating inclusion and commitment.


In the Survey activity you can collect opinions from people inside and outside your organization. You can set up as many questions as you want in the activity with five different answer options. The result of all answers can be seen by you and the participants in real time and it is also possible to visualize the answers in a clear way. The outcome can then be compiled in an intelligent report, which can be used as a basis for decisions.

Vocean on a computer and a vocean cap


Our workboard gives you an overview of all your activities, both as a facilitator and a participant. You can easily build on an activity at any time. For example, you can create a poll to select the best idea submitted in a previous Innovate activity. The workboard enables you to see how many people are on the platform busy co-creating at any one time. Participants can have new activities assigned to them in real time, and it’s easy to sort and filter through any ideas that have been submitted. You can also create reports from your results, which are easy to share with participants.


Our smart reporting tool allows you to create reports from your activities or your entire workboard. You decide what the report should look like and what information it should contain. You can, for example, quickly add a cover page, import all or part of the activity results and the report can be kept current by updating activity data. Headings and paragraphs are fully customizable, and you can save your report as a pdf and print it.

People pointing at the screen of a laptop

Combine all tools to an innovation process

By combining all the tools in Vocean, you can create smart processes that constantly take you to the next level. By co-creating digitally with the help of all tools, you get fantastic data with input from many different actors, something that helps you make smarter decisions

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