Unleash your organization’s full potential with digital co-creation

Vocean on multiple computer screens

Thinking together and leveraging collective intelligence is vital for an organization’s development and progress. But how do you gather ideas in a smart, effective way? Now there is a new, groundbreaking digital tool that can help – and add value to your business too.

“Enabling everyone’s voice to be heard and bringing in more perspectives is a cornerstone of innovation in any company. It’s here that our digital tool can really help”, says Daniel Kassell, CEO of Swedish digital ideas platform Vocean, which recently became a Microsoft partner.

Vocean is a new, inclusive and groundbreaking digital co-creation tool that empowers organizations to capture opportunities and meet challenges in a smart, structured way. It allows you to make better business decisions by collecting thoughts and ideas both inside and outside your organization.

“Compared with an analog approach the possibilities are endless. Working in Vocean allows an unlimited number of people to work together – which is critical in helping you make the right decisions. At Vocean we are driven by the principle that everyone’s voice should be heard, as well as by creating the ideal conditions for our customers to develop and grow”, says Daniel Kassell.

In addition to capturing different perspectives, Vocean gives employees greater influence and more creative freedom. Everyone can contribute, regardless of the time of day or where in the world they are.

“If companies can harness this innovative power then they have the opportunity to capitalize on it. It’s exciting to see what happens when you allow more people and parties to participate. If you dare to let others in it creates better understanding, more commitment and better collaborations, which leads to more competitive businesses. This is how we believe companies should work today in order to create more business value”, says Daniel Kassell.

More and more people are now discovering the benefits of digital co-creation, largely thanks to Vocean’s recent partnership with Microsoft, which has made Vocean one of the world’s most purchased Teams apps.

“We are really gathering momentum right now and signing agreements with major international parties”, says Daniel Kassel, who concludes:

“We are convinced everyone has something to contribute, whatever role or competence they have. If you are going to run a company that wants to constantly improve then Vocean provides a fantastic opportunity to capitalize on your organization’s collective intelligence”.


Four benefits of working with Vocean

  • Make sure everyone’s voice is heard.
  • Capture ideas.
  • Develop ideas collectively.
  • Create consensus and make smarter decisions.
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