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One model for different processes

Common to all processes in organizations is that they are carried out in steps. Vocean provides support for this in an efficient and user-friendly way through the activities of InnovateExplore, Prioritize, and also the place for co-creation in the form of a cohesive Workboard. Vocean is advantageously used in all processes according to steps 1-6 with flexibility in the form of, for example, different groups of participants. You can also choose to break out a specific activity and work more with it within each step.

Dive into the specific steps of the Vocean method

Step 1: Collect

Brainwriting is a method to collect thoughts and ideas. You start by writing down your thoughts instead of discussing them with other people. This can be done by writing down the ideas on a piece of paper or by using a digital platform.

Let your thoughts and ideas flow without limitations. The best ideas appears after the seventh one.

Give your idea properties and categorize.

Step 2: Co-create

Analyze other people’s ideas and add your value.

Change the value of the properties.

Collective intelligence is the ability of a group of people to solve problems and make decisions together in a more effective way than what would be possible for individuals to do alone. This means that the group as a whole is smarter and more creative than what would be possible for individual members. Collective intelligence can arise through social interaction, where members of the group share information, knowledge, and perspectives and use this to create new ideas and solutions. It can also arise through technological tools that make it possible for many people to collaborate and share information effectively, such as Vocean.

Together, the group forms an understanding of how incoming ideas relate to each other in order to more easily understand their significance and get an overview of the number of ideas that have been received.

Step 3: Co-understand

See everyones ideas in real time and categorize the ideas and give them unique attributes. After this is done a individual prioritization is done.

The participants prioritize the selected ideas. With the idea in focus the participants prioritize the ideas and challenge eachothers thinking to add value together which creates involvement in the coming decision.

Generate an AI-report directly after your activity has been finished. You can summarize the previous steps in one report where the data is unchangeable. To this report you can add your own text-fields and thoughts with the push of a button.

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Examples of templates

Business development

Start the process by working out what problem you have. Then, you can gather ideas, co-create around them, gain understanding of what the group thinks, and then make decisions based on the report you have produced. Implement the improvement and then evaluate it in order to renew.

Business planning

Use Vocean in all steps where activities are sent out to participants to gather ideas for planning. During the meeting, you carry out various co-creation activities, and after the meeting, you take a position on the proposals.

Innovation process

Carry out activities from the first idea, then you can evaluate your product or service and find out what your customers or organization thinks. Then you can make decisions for implementation and evaluate after that.

Gather ideas that you can directly take further or break out an idea to create a separate innovation process around it

Concept development

Use Vocean from idea to implementation. Gather and analyze information about market needs, technical limitations, competition, and other factors that may affect development. Use the gathered information to create various concepts and ideas that are tested and evaluated to determine which is most suitable to move forward with.

These processes are preferred to be used with open innovation and your ecosystem

Make use of the content in your workshops/events by using Vocean

Use Vocean before, during, and after a workshop as an improvement tool or planning tool. Immediately after the workshop, you can distribute tasks in Planner.

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Make your meeting more efficient and creative

Optimize your meetings by getting input for the agenda beforehand or submit and prioritize ideas live on the screen through our integration in Teams.

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Gather ideas and co-create thoughts both inside and outside your organization

With Vocean, you can gather ideas that you can then use for decision-making or for improvement areas related to your event.

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Make the systematic work environment management easier

Conduct regular workplace surveys using Vocean and allow employees to suggest improvement actions to the ideas.

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Vocean's integration with Microsoft

Vocean is integrated with Microsoft Teams and can be used as a connector in the Power Platform to create automatic flows

Power Platform is a low-code platform provided by Microsoft that allows businesses and organizations to build custom business applications and automate workflows, with minimal coding required.

Power Automate is a tool for automating tasks and processes. It allows users to create workflows that automate repetitive tasks, integrate with other applications and services, and improve efficiency and productivity. With Power Automate, users can automate tasks such as data entry, sending notifications and emails, and updating records and databases, among others.

Power BI is a tool for creating and distributing interactive data visualizations and reports. It enables users to gather data from various sources and create visually appealing and informative visualizations that can be shared with other users.

PowerApps is a tool for creating and distributing business apps easily. It allows users to create mobile and web apps that can be used to gather data, automate processes, and access business data.







Power Automate

Power BI

Power Apps

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