Why innovation is critical to your business

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Being able to capitalize on innovation is critical for business success, according to a new report published by a leading global technology research and consulting firm.

The report produced by US-based Gartner, an S&P 500 company that advises businesses in over 100 countries worldwide, found that everyone in an organization needs to feel a part of the innovation process in order for it to work.

“Vocean is the perfect tool to supercharge a business’s innovation processes. It is highly inclusive and a great source of smart ideas”, says Daniel Kassell, CEO of Vocean.

Businesses need to innovate in order to meet their growth targets and development goals. But a common problem is that few succeed in scaling up innovative ideas and actually implement them.

According to the new Gartner report, those responsible in a business for innovation need to focus on three main things – ownership, behavior and processes. The report found that innovation can often fail because colleagues lack a sense of shared ownership of an idea, because there is resistance to having to change behaviors and because businesses fail to transition pioneering ideas into professional project processes.

“These problems are common and in many cases a large investment may be required to overcome them. By involving the entire business in the process, however, you will go a long way to solving them. In addition,when employees are allowed to be involved in innovation and decision-making processes, there is generally a greater acceptance of what has been jointly agreed”, says Daniel Kassell.

He recommends businesses should:

  • Ensure that every individual feels a sense of ownership. If the majority of those working in an organization feel part of any change, the probability increases that it will be successfully implemented.
  • Manage organizational resistance by focusing on the challenges that innovation can solve.
  • Develop innovation processes by ensuring there is a clear transition from exploratory idea processes to project processes.
  • Ensure that any experts required for scaling and realizing innovation processes are selectively recruited at an early stage.

“Get started today with Vocean and explore what our digital co-creation tool can do for your innovation processes. Vocean makes it easy to explore new ways of working by collecting thoughts and ideas and then compiling them into intelligent reports that can help your business make better decisions,” concludes Daniel Kassell.

Read the report here.

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