• By shifting the focus to the idea itself, Vocean creates a workshop environment that is more honest and liberated from social limitations.
  • Vocean takes care of all valuable data collected during a workshop and makes it easily and directly accessible through the platform.
  • Vocean creates a simple participant experience where participants only need a single click to join.
  • Vocean Copilot acts as an assistant by summarizing, categorizing, and filtering numerous thoughts and ideas.

Challenge: Limited Flexibility in Time and Place:
Many experience the challenge of workshops requiring a specific time and physical location for participation, which limits the amount of workshops that can be hosted.

Challenge: Social Limitations Diminishing Creativity:
Social constraints are seen as barriers to creative collaboration in workshops, hindering the flow of ideas and teamwork synergy.

Challenge: Time-consuming Post-workshop Tasks:
Collecting diverse ideas and opinions demands significant time and
precision to extract valuable insights. Consequently, this process
amplifies the challenge for the workshop host in providing feedback to the participants.

Solution: Limited Flexibility in Time and Place:
Vocean offers a solution by eliminating these constraints, enabling participation that is free from location and time constraints.

Solution: Social Limitations Diminishing Creativity:
Vocean gives you a digital platform that removes these limitations, creating an equal playing field where the focus is on the idea.

Solution: Time-consuming Post-workshop Tasks:
Vocean’s AI helps you by automating the creation of a post-workshop report. Our AI swiftly collates the diverse ideas and opinions shared during the workshop, extracting valuable insights.

What differentiates Vocean from other workshops

The effects of Vocean

If Vocean is regularly used in a workshop format, engagement will significantly increase because participants can easily join, regardless of place and time. Higher engagement from participants leads to a rich influx of diverse insights from various perspectives, resulting in considerably more reliable workshop outcomes.

Another significant advantage is the time-saving capability of Vocean. Instead of dedicating an entire day to a workshop, with Vocean, you can create the activity weeks in advance to gather thoughts and ideas on the subject. After collecting this information, you can plan for a shorter meeting and let Vocean’s AI summarize the gathered material, presenting clear discussion points to streamline your time during the meeting.

Furthermore, after the meeting, you have the option to quickly generate an AI-generated report summarizing and documenting your discussions and decisions. This creates a smooth and structured process for workshops that saves time, increases productivity, and promotes insightful collaboration.

“To maximize the workshop time and ensure a productive discussion, we tested collecting thoughts and ideas in advance from the participants through Vocean. This proved to be time-saving and created significant value, and we were able to develop and prioritize the key areas to work on.”

Bo Johansson

Workplace Strategist, Trafikverket

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